School Outings ~ What I Miss Most

 Girls find garnets in the gravel at Kimberley Big Hole

For several years now we lived too far away (not to mention our horrendous mountain roads) from cities, towns and friends to join homeschool outings –

and I miss it much more than my kids do!

  • I miss the planning and preparation of an outing that fits all our schedules and topics of  interest.
  • I miss meeting friends at a car park, chatting to moms while we wait for the rest to arrive.
  • I miss watching the kids playing before we can even introduce the new family that has joined the group.
  • I miss the hugs, encouragement and support of other moms who have rushed household chores, packed picnic baskets and scurried to put the baby things in the bag for the day, to get the to venue on time.
  • I miss the buzz of excitement of the little ones as we enter the museum or place of interest.
  • I miss the tour guide telling the kids stuff that we read about and watching the children’s faces light up with, “I know that!
  • I miss the joy of my child’s feeling of success when she answers a guide’s questions with confidence.
  • I miss the group activities, the teams, the joint efforts in some or other exercise.
  • I miss seeing, with wonder and joy, older teenagers (especially the guys) playing and helping the toddlers and young kids, when I know that it would not be “cool” among their government school peers.
  • I miss sharing healthy and delicious snacks and tea and coffee afterwards.
  • I miss hearing the successes and failures of other homeschool families and being part of such a wonderful support system.
  • I miss my children’s excited news and joy of friends who have the same life values.
  • I miss the confirmation of our homeschooling choices seen at work in other families.
  • And of course I miss the art museums, the professional tour guides, seeing real artifacts and proof of reality seen up close and personal.

For moms with young children I urge you to join other groups, or form your own, and make time each month for an outing!  If possible, choose a schedule that gives you 1 day each week for outings and get-together.  (Sonlight offers a choice between a 4-day or a 5-day week schedules.  We often used our 5th ‘free’ day for library, visits, shopping and outings.)

These outings are wonderful experiences and make memories that may last for ever!

I  think we stocked up on our family’s outings because we spent over a year on the road and traveled around South Africa while we did Footprints on the Land curriculum.

May you enjoy your homeschool groups and outings!


This post is part of the upcoming South African Carnival of Homeschooling.

12 thoughts on “School Outings ~ What I Miss Most

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  3. Aah, you are speaking straight to my heart. I have only been on one or two outings and they have been family affairs, mostly. But I’m very excited to meet new HS families next week and then we can start sharing these wonderful experiences together.

    And you hit a nerve wrt kids growing up – becoming independent – especially with two boys, having to realise that one day they won’t really need you any more. I’ll take all the hugs and kisses I can get now.


    • Nadene, thanks for sharing your heart and reminding us to appreciate what we can so easily take for granted, those of us living in towns. I really admire you in living where you do!


  4. Makes me realise I should really put more effort into getting those outings organised. I always used to complain- why do I have to do the organising, the admin, the phone calls, the prep etc. But hey, what a privliege that my family has so many places close by to choose from, and we don’t have to use a 4X4 😉
    Thanks for the reminder.


    • @Lindy, it is a privilege to have the freedom to visit and travel close to home for homeschool outings. While children are young and their schedules are flexible, go for it! All too soon, high school courses are too full and outings are not always an option time-wise.


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  6. Nadene – your blog post resonates deeply with me. I wish you could still enjoy these things too 😦 but thankfully, you and your kids get to enjoy other things that are just as meaningful and enriching! Methinks you should have an outing to your farm so people within 100km can come for the day 🙂 “If I can’t go to the outing, the outing must come to me!” I say 😉


    • @Taryn, I smile and agree that the outing should come to us 🙂 – but unless they have 4X4s and great courage, I don’t think they’ll make it up our road now that the heavy rains have come!


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