How is our Hymn Study going?

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Here’s a little feedback on our Hymn Study the past six months:

As Charlotte Mason suggested, we learn a new hymn each month and we sing it about 3 days each week.

On introduction, I play a CD of the hymn and tell the children a bit about the author of the lyrics and the person who created the melody from my book 101 Hymn Stories by Kenneth W. Osbeck.

Because some hymn words are unusual, old-fashioned and difficult, the kids use their dictionaries to look up the meanings.  We like to use Jimmie’s Hymn Study notes and she has loads of other tips and links  on her Hymn Study Squidoo Lens.  Usually we refer to our Hymn words each time we sing.

I wish I could say that we learn all the words by heart, but we haven’t.  We usually remember some verses and we all sing the chorus with confidence, but some hymns are quite long.  Also, some of the recordings differ in verse order or leave verses out.

I realized that my children are quite sensitive to the music style of the recordings.  If the instrumentation or singing style is “too country” or old-fashioned or even “too opera”, they are put off.  Certainly, they do not enjoy singing to the Midi files on the Hymn websites!

So if they disliked the style of a hymn, I tried to find other CD recordings …

But here’s my solution … I (try) play the music on my guitar.   I do not play very well and  I am not very musical (although I really wish I was), but we can sing the basic hymns.  When we sing together it is more intimate and I am encouraged by the kids’ response.  We sing together and here’s the best part – my 11-year-old has taken up the guitar and can play some of the hymns and other worship songs.

So, here we are 6 months into our Hymn Study and we …

  • know some and are very familiar with several beautiful hymns
  • love the words and images of these hymns
  • find the words and melodies a real comfort and faith-building
  • join with others in church fellowship
  • sing them outside alone, or together while walking or working
  • are learning to play them on the guitar

Because my children are still young, 8 and 11-years-old, I am confident that we will grow in the appreciation and understanding of our hymns as we keep to our schedule.

I pray that as we learn hymns, a deep and authentic spiritual deposit is laid down in my children’s lives.

Are you put off hymn study?  Is it too much to add to your schedule?

Perhaps you could gently introduce an easy and recognizable hymn and learn it together.  Don’t worry about making it a full lesson.  Perhaps just start each day with the hymn playing in the background while they come to the school room.  Maybe teach the chorus and join in and sing it together.  Let them talk about the images the hymn inspires – pictures they visualize while they listen.  Gradually add a little depth to this with a quick scripture reference or vocabulary extension.  Who knows, you could have a short, but in-depth hymn study time?

Blessings as we sing our praises of Him,

6 thoughts on “How is our Hymn Study going?

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  3. My boys 5 and 7 have really liked Hymns for a Kid’s Heart volumes by Joni Eareckson Tada and Bobbie Wolgemuth . I found vol. 1 and vol. 2 and the vol. with Christmas Hymns at our local second hand shop at different times for under $1. Two out of the three still had the accomapanying CD with the book. We all enjoy the simple story that gives history about the hymn and the beautiful pictures, then we listen to it on the CD and try to sing along. The music and the lyrics are included in the book. As the boys are going to sleep we offer a selection of classical music, hymns and memory songs Cd’s. If we have been having hymns study they will often choose to listen to the hymns Cd as they are falling asleep. It has made a wonderful intro for them. Now when in company of others my oldest because he knows it from our hymn study will want to sing A Mighty Fortress is our God by Martin Luther. It is his favorite song.


  4. Oh, thanks for the link to the Jimmie’s page. I follow her, but wasn’t back when she posted this and never noticed it before. We will be starting to do hymn study in September. The notebook pages she has available will be perfect!!! We’re going to be taking it pretty easy, my son is only 1st grade, but still… excited to have such great resources available from people who have been there-done that! Thanks!


  5. Thanks for the links. I began a hymn study with my youngest this past January when I realized he didn’t know the hymns my older two would play on piano and guitar. I just began picking out a hymn, studying the story behind it along with the writer. I love that he now knows some of our old favorites. I will try to implement some of the suggestions you have here.


  6. Congratulations – what a wonderful accomplishment.
    I admit that hymn study is something I put off. The best we do is when my husband likes a hymn from Sunday church service, he will pin a copy of the music on our bulletin board and attempt to sing it at home during the week. We’re not a musical family so sometimes our version of the hymn is a bit….um, unique.
    Thank you for sharing the details on how you study hymns – your post is encouraging.


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