The Book of James Lapbook

I’m so excited! 

I created a brand new lapbook for our Bible Study ~

The Book Of


  • This lapbook is based entirely on scriptures using the Modern King James Version.
  • These minibooks cover about 90% of the Book of James.
  • The complete download consists of 14 pages with about 34 minibooks, a cover page and other references and notes. For quicker download times I have split this lapbook into 4 smaller files. 🙂
  • Some minibooks have place for personal notes, study, application or activity, but they all can stand alone for memory verses.
  • I created the lapbook for middle-school ages, but it is really suitable for high schoolers and even adults.
  • Because we love to combine our minibooks and notebook pages, I created a basic notebook page for the Book of James. The notebook page has lines for copywork and for personal application. There is an open space for pasting minibooks or illustrations.  I let my children choose which verse they want to copy and write about, and they enjoy the freedom to lay out  and paste their minibooks as they wish.  Here is my 9-year-old’s page:

Here are your downloads:

Some extras on-line:

  • A wonderful James Bible Study handout with the complete text of James and questions with spaces for your write your notes at
  • An online Bible study for children with basic scriptures, corresponding Bible verses, simple principles and some activities at Children’s Bible

I trust you enjoy this download.  Please feel free to share your lapbook and notebook pages with us!


35 thoughts on “The Book of James Lapbook

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  3. I recently learned about the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ and accepted him as my Savior and so am not super knowledgable about Biblical things. I also decided to homeschool my young children, and this will be an excellent tool to provide them what I simply don’t have the knowledge yet to give- thank you so much for making this free, accessible and educational. Bless you and your family.


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  5. I love this! Love love love it. James is my favorite book of the bible. Sharing it with my kids as a lap book will be a bonus for me 🙂 Thank you for this!!!


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  7. Thank you! I cannot wait to get started on this during the current week. This is amazing. I have been looking for study materials online for awhile, and this looks like it is far above anything else I’ve seen.

    Thank you, thank you!


  8. Just what I needed for the children in our mixed-age small group. The adult lesson is much too esoteric for them. Thank you for taking time to make this blog!


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  10. Thank you so much for this! Our Bible study group was looking for something for the kids to work on while we studied the book of James and we were so very excited to see that you have this wonderful lapbook all ready to go! We really enjoyed and appreciated it 🙂


  11. Thank you!! We were studying James & I was hoping to find something for my youngers girls 10 & 8 to stay engaged. Your creation is a treasure! Thank you for giving freely! I know God blesses you!


  12. Wow, thanks for providing a great lapbook! I just finished a Beth Moore study on James and will be doing a study on James with the kiddos during the next school year. This will be a great additioin!


  13. Nadine,
    I’m so grateful for your generosity in sharing your knowledge, time, gifts, and talents with all of us. All your offerings have been such a blessing to my family since we ‘discovered’ your website last Fall. May God continue to bless you abundantly as you serve Him!


  14. I love the book of James and this is great for a summer project while my kids are not in awana till school. this is so good thankyou very much.


  15. Nadene! Thank you so much for sharing this great lapbook with us!! I just printed it out and have to get going doing it. Im having my almost 6 years old son give this to DH/Daddy as part of his birthday gift that it is in 2 days 🙂 that way I get DH involve in the study!!


  16. This is a wonderful tool for memorization and discussion! Thanks for the link to children’s Bible study dot com also as I could really feel almost comfy in a 4th-6th grade kids’ study with this material.


  17. Thank you so much for this! James is my favorite book of the Bible and I’ve made 4 copies of this for my children and I. We’ll be working on this during our “summer school” session! 🙂 I’m also following your blog and look forward to exploring all the wonderful ideas you have here!
    Thanks so much for sharing!


  18. Oh, this is such a wonderful study. I am so looking forward to working with this lapbook. Thank you so very much!!!


  19. Thank you so much. This looks wonderful. I am really looking forward to using this with my children. It just might have to be a study for the whole family.


  20. Wow! Thank you so much for this! Our pastor just started preaching through the book of James. This will be a wonderful resource for my kids…although they are elementary and pre-school age (but I can tweek it to make it more age-appropriate.)


  21. I’m so excited too! I have finished my most recent study of Daniel, and have been needing some structure in my morning Bible reading time! I’m going to do this myself! (and share with dd)

    Thanks so much!

    Also thanks for the narration guidance the other day, I’m so new to all of this, and needed the instruction!


  22. What beautiful pages!!!! I love the book of James. My children will be doing a study of James next school year so this is perfect. I think I will do it first!!! Thanks!


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