Memorizing Scripture the Simply Charlotte Mason Way

I love that one can keep learning,


going deeper

and further with Charlotte Mason …

I’m a slow starter on this – I saw the Scripture Memory System at Simply Charlotte Mason a couple of years ago but shelved the idea because I felt we were covering enough scripture through songs and memory verses.  Scripture memory system

But this year it seemed we were not nailing our memory verses, nor refreshing the verses we knew often enough to keep it fresh in our minds and hearts.

It was time to get organized!

And Simply Charlotte Mason has done it all for us!  And it is truly simple!

This is what I did:

  1. Read Simply Charlotte Mason how the system works.
  2. Download the tab divider file and cut them out.  (You’ll find the tab pdf. at the bottom of the SCM post)
  3. SCM has a suggested verse list.  I just copied the list with its subject headings to a Word page.
  4. Select those verses I wanted to start with.  I wanted to focus on salvation scriptures so that my children grow in the truth about their faith.
  5. Here’s the only part I created: Using E-Sword, I copied and pasted the SCM suggested verses in NKJ version on a Word chart.
  6. Print these scripture cards out.  Here’s a free download:   Verse Cards – Salvation and Verse Cards – Christian Living
  7. Put the first card in place and start at breakfast that week.

Already, we have learned cards daily for 3 weeks and my older young adult stepson and eldest daughter are learning along with us each day.

I love that my hubby, who knows so much Word, shares and explains and expounds on new verses. It has become a family habit.  Our daily bread.

I noted that one SCM parent commented that she put hymns in her system too.  Another good idea!

I’m so grateful for the system and its simplicity and if you have middle-school-aged children, I really encourage you to put scripture memory in practice.

Many of us have joined Ann Voskamp in memorizing Colossians this year. She has a neat little booklet with each week’s verse typed out.  I have found this personally inspiring and challenging, but I’m so grateful for the large chunks of scripture already put to memory.

Blessings as you write God’s Word in your heart,

22 thoughts on “Memorizing Scripture the Simply Charlotte Mason Way

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  9. This post encouraged and blessed me today. After clicking over to SCM, and their list of Scriptures, I’ve decided to read “Wisdom and the Millers” with the children this summer and work on memorizing the Scriptures that correspond with the stories.


  10. We have used this system for a number of years now and our box is getting full. We choose together the next scriptures to memorize. I like to keep track of a scripture that I use in our every day discipline and encouragement by adding them to the box in a “to be memorized” section. Thanks for sharing your printables with the CM Carnival.


  11. I’m liking the idea of memorizing Colossians – thanks for sharing that link and idea. I have a couple of Bible projects of my own that I’m working on, but I will add this to my “future” list.

    I haven’t been working on scripture memory work with my kids in quite awhile. I appreciate the nudge to add that back into our days.


  12. Thanks. We’re KJV too 🙂 The one picture reminded me of something I did in college. I just took a fat, small spiral notebook and wrote the verse on a page. On the back of the page I checked off as I reviewed it every day for a week, every week for a month and every month for a year.


  13. This is wonderful. We are having the problem of not getting to our memory verses. We are doing our daily Scripture reading and discussion. I must admit, I am horrible at memorization, so I need to set the example for our DDs.


  14. Yay! I started using this system but my hand was cramping from writing out the verses, so I will gladly print yours out and paste them onto the index cards I already have. Thanks! It will also save me time from fretting over which translation to memorize from, lol.


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