An Easy Signac “Lighthouse of Portrieux” Art Lesson

Just last week I shared about our first Paul Signac appreciation lesson Going Dotty Over Paul Signac.

This week we did a very simple art activity to make Signac’s Lighthouse of Portrieux “ours”:

We read his biography.  Paul apparently owed over 30 boats in his lifetime and is famous for his sea ports and sea-shore paintings!  There are so many stunning paintings, but the Lighthouse is really stark and quite simple in both composition and colours (and it was in my art book).  We used magnifying glasses to see exactly what coloured dots Signac used.

Here’s the steps we took:

  1. Download and print out  Signac Outlines
  2. We  placed some firm netting on a clipboard under the outline page.  (I taped my netting on the sides of the clipboard.)

    Showing the speckled shading from the netting

  3. Then we used twisty crayons in primary colours(red, yellow, light and dark blue and black) and coloured the picture.  The netting created a speckled texture and looked dotty!

    Colouring in with primary colours

  4. We found out that the harder you press the crayons, the better the colours seem to blend.

    Colours up close

  5. Also, we shifted the outline paper over the  netting so that we were not shading on the exact same spots.
  6. We kept comparing colours and adding layers until we were happy.  About 30 minutes and our pictures were done! 🙂

    Lighthouse by Miss. L (8)

    Lighthouse by Miss. K (11)

    Lighthouse by Nadene

    I really encourage you to try an art activity like this – quick, clean, no mess, no fuss and no stress!  And although it is “colouring in”, the limited colours and the texture inspire the child to see how Signac made colours blend in the viewer’s eye!

    Join the Charlotte Mason Carnival on 3 May for all the Art Appreciation submissions.  Click here if you wish to submit your own post to this carnival.


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