Let’s Learn Common Latin Words!

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Somewhere, recently, I came across ~

50 Common Latin Phrases Every College Student Should Know

and I found many Latin words we hear, read and know already! When I read through the first “Must-Learn Terms” I smiled.  There were several words there that I knew my children were familiar with!

Now, just so you know, we do not study Latin as an extra subject, but, we do watch classic films, and we read classic literature and there are many Latin phrases tucked away in them.

Studies show that detailed knowledge of Latin increases a student’s vocabulary by at least 30,000 words (more than any other foreign language is able).  Knowledge of Latin also refines his English grammar.  (Read more here.)

So I thought, “Why not? Let me make a ‘Latin Word for the Week‘ chart!”

If I hear my children use some of these Latin phrases in their everyday speaking, or recognise the words they’ve studied in the films they watch, I’d be delighted!

Here is your free download ~

Do you study any Latin?  If so, please share your links, tips and ideas.

Here are some other links and sites:


11 thoughts on “Let’s Learn Common Latin Words!

  1. Nadene – You are amazing! I have said this before but it is so true. I love your statement of “Why not? Let me make a ‘Latin Word for the Week‘ chart!” There are so many things I want to do but I don’t follow through. Your ideas are great, well thought out, and very nicely done. Thank you so much. Dana Huller, Maryland


  2. Love your posts Nadine!

    We use Sonlight 3/4 American History and LA curriculum, but I really enjoy receiving your blog posts for the Charlotte Mason insight and inspiration!

    We also use Latin for Children. Dd10 was NOT enthused initially, now she is getting the hang of it and enjoys finding the derivatives that exist in so much of our English vocabulary!


  3. This chart is so great. It is easy to use and will be a great help for my son. Thank you for all of the great stuff you make and share with all of us.


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  5. I need to learn cursive writing please help me and my grandma is helping me because i need help to write cursive. i am only eight years old and in third grade i realy need help please help me. Third grade teaches cursive writing. i need to write cursive because third grade teaches cursive writing and i need to get head of them.


    • @ Emilee, I have a very easy way of teaching cursive – pop over to my Handwriting page, print off a copy of the chart, laminate it or put it in a plastic page protector and practice with a dry-wipe pen. It should be quick and easy.
      Then print off a few copywork pages and practice writing quotes or scriptures in neat cursive. You should be writing beautifully soon! Blessings.


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