Maybe List of Things To Do With Mom- ART!

I often write about taking part in Sketch Tuesday!  And I have seen that it is such a positive activity.

I want to share this sweet testimony for this week’s art:

My 2 older daughters went away for a short school break, leaving my youngest daughter (8 years old) at home alone with me.  She rarely is at home without her sisters and so she made a …

“Maybe list of things to do while the others are gone”

And on the reverse, she wrote:

  1. try the letter set    √√  (those letters you rub to transfer on to the page)
  2. play a set of cards
  3. play a board game  √
  4. watch a movie together  √√

I was truly delighted to paint Sketch Tuesday ~ A Fruit Salad with her.  (Note to self: add the word “Tuesday” to this week’s spelling list)

Her list is a homeschooling-mom’s pride!  I love it that she CHOOSES to do those things which I value in our homeschool as her personal fun time with me!

You will see all the ticks to show what we did during the 4 days!

Her great passion is reading books, even though she really has to work hard at it.  So we read together often and finished 2 of her readers – a great accomplishment!

When I asked her what she enjoyed the most, she said that playing a board game and winning 3x in a row against me was the BEST!  I forget that she (as the youngest child) often is over-ruled when chosing board games.  Playing her choice of game was already such a joy.  And beating me three times – well that was the cherry (smile … excuse the fruity pun) on the top!

Perhaps we should institute a “Youngest Child Choses Day” each month?  What do you do for your youngest ones?

Have a wonderful week!


5 thoughts on “Maybe List of Things To Do With Mom- ART!

  1. When Dad can take brother (8) along on a farm-related activity, then daughter (9 1/2) and I have a tea party which involves Earl Grey and Jane Austen dvd’s. I think my two get even doses of ‘me time’ with Mom. Your daughter’s list is a jewel in your crown, mom. Well done!


  2. This was such a cute entry!!! It was so encouraging to us other mom’s to know our kids really are learning from us :). I love sketch Tuesday!!!


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