Playing the Mayflower Girls

We had such fun in History recently!

We acted out a simple play I downloaded called “The Girls of the Mayflower “ by Amy Puetz.

My youngest learnt most her lines by repeating her words after me and she loved acting.

But my 11-year-old is shy.  She hates to speak publicly.  And she absolutely hates to act in front of an audience, so she made me promise that we would not perform the play for anyone.  Of course I agreed.  We rehearsed and she began to speak up and put some actions to her words.

I made some new calico bonnets and wide collars in the Pilgrim style.  the girls used their dress-up skirts and aprons and we went outside to perform our play … to the birds!

It was great fun!

But the best part is that they learnt and knew so many facts and details of the events of the Pilgrims and their journey to the New World.

Plays are a great way to make a subject come to life!

How do you make History fun?


7 thoughts on “Playing the Mayflower Girls

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  4. Oh, Nadene, those photos are just priceless. But I am surprised that you would act out something from American history. Is it that important in your studies?


    • @Jimmie, Thanks! I’m re-using our Sonlight American History Core 3 & 4 books with my younger 2 children this year. Next year, my middle child will do a South African literature-based curriculum in her junior high year.


  5. My children love getting out in our backyard and role playing our history. Sometimes their role playing is all the narration I need to know that they are retaining the material we are covering. I need to see if I can find some plays on our history. We are studying Ancient Rome.


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