A New Charlotte Mason Page

Several new homeschooling moms asked me about Charlotte Mason and how to start to educate their families in a Charlotte Mason style.

I am not a Charlotte Mason expert, nor do we adhere to a pure Charlotte Mason syllabus, but we have followed many of her principles and applied many of her methods to our curriculums.

Her influence has brought the greatest joy and richness to our schooling.

You are welcome to visit the new Charlotte Mason Page where I have collected all my CM posts and links for you.

I also encourage you to pop over to the current Charlotte Mason carnival at one of the most helpful CM sites at Simply Charlotte Mason.

The Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival


2 thoughts on “A New Charlotte Mason Page

  1. I recieved the same comment on my Nature Blog 🙂 I was just wondering if you have read the book or do you know much about it? I notice some discussion on the CM series Yahoo group, so some there have obviously read it.


  2. Dear Nadene,

    My name is Benjamin Bernier,

    I am a pastor, and homeschool dad of seven boys, who made his doctoral dissertation studying Charlotte Mason’s Philosophy.

    I came across your blog looking to contact people with an appreciation for Charlotte Mason’s philosophy who would like to know about my recent publication:

    Scale How ‘Meditations’ by Charlotte M. Mason,

    The meditations are a record of a series of Sunday talks delivered by Mason during the year 1898, at the House of Education, “Scale How” in Ambleside Uk, where she presents a verse by verse commentary on the first chapters of the Gospel according to St. John.

    I found this collection while doing research at the Armitt library in Ambleside. Most people are not aware that Mason wrote these, and that they are an amazing source of devotional inspiration, a direct disclosure of Mason’s religious views and instructive in the art of Christian meditation.

    That is why I am spreading the word so that more people may benefit from this important resource in Charlotte Mason’s work.

    Let me know if you have any question,

    You may find more information at my blog:

    Thank you for your time and attention,
    At your service,

    Benjamin Bernier

    “This duty of devout meditation seems to me the most important part of the preparation of the mother or other teacher who would instruct children in the things of the Divine life.”
    Charlotte M. Mason.

    The Rev. Dr. Benjamin E. Bernier


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