Recent Sketch Tuesday Pictures

Letter H for "Heidi" by Miss.L (8)

We aim to take part in as many Sketch Tuesday assignments as possible.

  • because we love to draw, paint, sketch – all of us – especially me!

  • because the topics are fun!

  • because it is quick – maybe half an hour or a bit more

  • because it is easy – we chose our own favourite medium and approach

  • because it is informal

  • because no one judges, evaluates, or comments on our work  …

well … we do chat about our work when we sit in the kitchen and look at our art, because our art gallery is on the double door cupboard …

  • because we all have gained confidence to draw and paint since we do it so often

  • because we have time

  • because we can use whatever we have without too much/ if any research

Here are our recent pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What are your reasons for joining each week?

See you at the next slide show!


4 thoughts on “Recent Sketch Tuesday Pictures

  1. We love Sketch Tuesday too! It’s amazing how much confidence the boys (and myself) have gained in drawing since starting it, and we look forward to the slideshow each week and waiting to see what next week’s assignment is going to be. Your slideshow of sketches is lovely & very inspiring.


  2. Nadene,
    I have followed you on these Sketch Tuesday for a whole school year now. How can I participate? Does it cost?
    Thank you
    Amy Rosa


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