Salvation Minibook

My children have given their hearts to Jesus, but …

Can my children tell others of their faith?

Can they express their salvation in a clear, meaningful way?

Do they know scriptures to defend their salvation?

I created this little Salvation Minibook for our devotions this week.

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I based it on the “4 Spiritual Laws” and I included some 3D paper art on the minibook.

My youngest enjoyed cutting and pasting all the parts on her minibook.  She asked me to help her fold the one-page-minibook which I explained here and showed a her some photos here.

She read and memorized a few scriptures and told me her favourite one was:

Jesus says,

“I stand at the door and knock.

Whoever hears my voice

and opens the door,

I will dine with him

and him with me.”

Rev 3:20

Here is the free download ~ Salvation Minibook.


6 thoughts on “Salvation Minibook

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  2. I would absolutely love this salvation mini-book if you changed it to say “But we are separated from God when we were sinners”, or at least add, “But when we receive salvation, we are no longer separated because we are no longer sinners!” The whole point of salvation, and teaching about it, is to know that it changes one’s spiritual status. I think that needs to be added. With all the scriptures you provided, a person needs to know that a change has taken place, even a child, and that needs to be included in this mini-book.


    • Hi @Gina, thanks for your concerned suggestions. On page 3 of the little booklet, the words and images express your thoughts and spiritual principles. As the salvation minibook is based on the “4 Spiritual Laws” booklet. I felt confident that the salvation message is clear and true. Blessings!


  3. This is beautiful. I am always amazed by your creativity. I am looking forward to starting a Salvation Minibook with my young son. Many thanks.


  4. Hi Nadene

    Thank you so much for the wonderful practical pages you send and your encouragement. I always get excited when I receive one of the e-mails from your blog. I am looking forward to doing the salvation minibook with my children as I’m feeling the need to stress that part of their spiritual lives at the moment. I sometimes wonder if they know the full impact of what it means to be a Christian, having grown up in a Christian home.
    God bless you.


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