Celebrate Handwriting ~ National Handwriting Day!

Why is National Handwriting Day held on this day?

On January 23, 1737 John Hancock was born in Braintree, Mass.  He was the first person to sign the United States of America’s Declaration of Independence with a large flourishing display!

This is his famous signature.

These days, we use cellphones and computers to text, phone, email, Twitter, update … we communicate. But handwriting is fast becoming a lost art.

Handwriting is personal, unique, stylish, expressive, individual and artistic!

“Though computers and e-mail play an important role in our lives, nothing will ever replace the sincerity and individualism expressed through the handwritten word,” said David H. Baker, WIMA’s Executive Director.

How can you take part on this day?

Heart of the Matter Online suggests American children write handwritten letters thanking troops overseas for their sacrifice and to let them know how appreciated they are.  Read more about the contest here: Pentel National Handwriting day.

(Perhaps National Handwriting day began to sell more pens and pencils? 🙂  )
At teachhandwriting.com they give these suggestions:
  • Write a letter to a friend, family, the President, a soldier, or someone you admire.
  • Decorate a cake and have everyone sign their name with frosting.
  • Write a poem
  • Learn about handwriting analysis
  • Check out the books on handwriting at the local library
  • Create an autograph book and have people sign it.
  • Start a journal or diary
  • Give the gift of a pen as appreciation

Some other fun handwriting activities:

  • Make quill pen and write letters/ lists/ journal entries on tea-stained paper.
  • Practice your own signature!
  • Use a calligraphy pen for handwriting today
  • Decorate a pen with ribbons or wrapping paper covered with layers of modge podge.
  • Start an evening journal with your children and write a special personal note to each other.
  • For young children, write in shaving cream on a window

And certainly, practice makes perfect – practice handwriting!

Teach handwriting with ease!  Use my laminated charts – it’s quick, easy and it works!

Print chart with starting dots


PS: We don’t have an official National Handwriting Day here in South Africa, but I found this on my CurrClick monthly Teachable Moments newsletter and thought it would be a great day to celebrate throughout the world!

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