Calendars for Monthly Activities

It’s 2011 and time for new calendars!

Each year I create my birthday and anniversary calendars on MS Calendar Works.  I pencil in activities, exams and test dates, rainfall (we’re farmers), visitor’s dates and our outings in the blocks.

You could download and print your own blank calendar like the one below from

Read at Confessions of An Organized Homeschool Mom how Bethany and others (read the comments) use technology, cell phones and calendars for homeschool!

The past few months, I’ve come across several calendars with teachable moments or themes or activities for each day of that month.

Here are just a few Activity Calendars:

  • emails your their monthly teachable moments if you subscribe.  They email the stacks of downloads and resources and free products each month.
  • have a wonderful educational online calendar with links to free board games, activities, videos and downloads for each theme or topic. (You do need to sign in to become a member, but it is free.)
  • have the most delightful pre-school “An Activity A Day” pdf. calendars.  There are several for each month – Literacy, Maths & Play and although it is aimed for pre-schoolers, it would be fun for most children!
  • Growing Up Creative has a creative calendar download where the children add creative details to each calendar page.

For other calendars check out:

I am  thinking of putting together an activity calendar for middle schoolers with …


a few …

writing prompts,

speech topics,

art, needlework & crafts,

nature study observation topics …

Would you help me with some ideas?

Do you ever use an activity calendar?

What would you enjoy on your calendar?

Do you know of other web sites with ideas?


6 thoughts on “Calendars for Monthly Activities

  1. Yes, Nadene, that would be wonderful. I’m looking forward to it.

    Making something for a new baby/mom
    Plan a tea/picknick
    Bake something
    Write a card to a sick person
    Learn something new
    Learn a song by head
    Mend a cloth-item
    Arrange a family photo (own family of a family in need)
    Make a study on something (like how gold/silver is refined, the colors of different rocks)
    discuss/describe a newsitem
    make a flower/decorative arrangement
    invent a game
    do something with your dad

    Write/speech on topics as:
    why should you teach younger persons the bible
    give a biblical view on homedecoration
    to consume less
    the five parts of prayer
    how to glorify the Lord

    I’m looking forward to it;-) Found your website some weeks ago and found very useful things to download (we made already the paperdolls and I downloaded the art timelines)Thank you!

    Wilma, Dutch homeschooling mum of 4 (15, 13, 8,5) in Belgium


  2. It sounds wonderful Nads.


    An act of kindness
    Pulling weeds
    Making cookies
    Weather today
    Phone a grandparent
    Help someone
    Bath the dog/s
    Pick some flowers
    Find a new nature treasure
    Read a book to a younger sibling….


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