Hymn Study Schedule for 2011

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As I shared before in

Confessions ~ I didn’t do it all,

I didn’t do it all.

The other plan that just didn’t happen in 2010

at all …

all year …


Hymn Study

Charlotte Mason
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Charlotte Mason suggests that,  just as you would do a monthly Artist and Composer study, children should study a hymn each month.

She said that children should~

“form the habit of listening to and reading the scriptures – the actual scriptures.  Children should be in the habit of praising God.  Sing hymns. ”  (Vol 2, pg. 142)

To start

I went to Simply Charlotte Mason and copied their Hymn Study Schedule.

I have some hymns on CDs here at home.  I believe in using what I have, so I highlighted all the hymns on the schedule that I have on my CDs.  I had 12!  That’s one hymn for each month!  (I prefer our recordings to the midi files and MP3 files online, but there are excellent YouTube videos of several hymns that you could download if you don’t have your own CDs.)


I created a Hymn Study Schedule for 2011 (the download is at the end of this post) and linked to websites that have midi files or mp3 files, background information on the authors and composers and the songs words.

I downloaded 27 pages of  FREE –Hymn Study Notebooking Pages that Jimmie created at  Jimmie’s Collage.  Jimmie gives some great ideas for hymn study.  Besides blank copywork pages, there are pages for vocabulary you find in hymns, Bible verses you find in hymns, and the meaning and etymology of the word hymn.

I highly recommend Jimmie’s Hymn Study Squidoo Lens.  Here you’ll find stacks of Hymn Study ideas, activities, CDs & book titles, other web sites and links for free hymn study downloads.

Dana at Epi Kardia shares how her family does their Hymn Study. They ~

Sheet music for the hymn

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  1. Discuss the hymn.
  2. Discuss the author.
  3. Sing the hymn every day for a month.
  4. Additional options:
  • Assign one stanza along each week as copy work.
  • Assign one stanza each week as memorization to be recited.
  • Ask your older student to research the author and write 3-5 paragraphs about their lives and work
  • Request that your older student find Scripture pertaining to other phrases in this work mentioned above (Born of His Spirit, Washed in His blood, etc.)
  • Have your student write out this hymn in his own words.
  • After studying this hymn, have your student create her own hymn.
  • Assign your student to find a passage of Scripture and compose a melody to accompany it.


I printed out the words of each hymn (free download at the end of the post) for the girls to learn the hymns and for copywork lessons.

In order to ensure that we do our hymn study, I have purposed in my heart to keep it really simple to start.  (I tend to jump in and crush their joy with over-zealous enthusiasm!)

Gotteslob — German Catholic hymnal

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I pray that as we sing the hymn daily during the month,

I may gently include a little extra study each week on the hymn.

It may be some copywork.

Or perhaps memorization.

Maybe they will write a short biography of the author or composer.

But I know that I will NOT do it all.


I want to gently urge my children to appreciate these hymns,

to understand them,

to recognise them,

and maybe remember some verses.

Perhaps they may even sing them.

The bonus would be some narrations on their notebook pages,

or beautiful handwritten copywork

or biography pages.

Here are some more Hymn Study Websites:

Here are my Free Downloads:

Blessings as you worship Him,

14 thoughts on “Hymn Study Schedule for 2011

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  3. I’m saving this information as I’ve been wanting to get back to hymn study. We have a wonderful book called “Then Sings My Soul” which contains hymns with the piano music and lyrics as well as a 1 page story of how the hymn came to be written. I believe there is more than one volume of this book, but we only have the one.
    Thanks for the information. I’ve enjoyed visiting your site tonight.


    • @Missy, Your new hymn study sounds great! We also use what we have, but I’d love to add a new Hymn CD to our collection. Thanks for your link and enjoy your new year!


  4. I like what you’re reaching for here.
    Oh my, laughing at myself, after reading what you’ve detailed here… we are strictly non starters with our hymn studies.
    Keep sharing what you’re doing, and aiming for, I find your posts very encouraging!


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  6. Thank you for posting this. I’ve been wanting to do a hymn study but just didn’t know how to start. Your post really motivated me and we are starting tomorrow!


  7. I can’t wait to come back here one day 🙂 excellent post!

    and I had to laugh, because there were so many years we didn’t do very well on hymn study either!! 😉 doing better now, but some weeks just flop don’t they?!


    amy in peru


  8. Wow! What a great post! I would love to incorporate a hymn study and one per month seems very do-able. On my own I would’ve tried one a week and floundered in about, oh, two weeks!

    Thanks so much for letting all of us know that we are not alone when we can’t get it all done. I’m new at homeschooling anyway, and when I first started I would see forum posts about getting behind, and thought to myself, “I don’t know why they can’t keep up! Seems easy to me!” HA! Pride goeth before the fall! I’m scraping myself up and trying to get going again with a humbler outlook! If you want to visit my fledgling blogs,family http://www.garnergoingson.wordpress.com.
    Spiritual blog http://www.riversidereflections.wordpress.com.


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