Linger, Listen, Lift up and Live the Word

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I’m almost at the end of my “Read the Bible in a Year” schedule. (I used Our Daily Bread devotional study’s schedule.)  Jimmie recently shared on how to get a head start on Bible reading and she provides a reading checklist.

I have found that following the program and systematically reading the Bible reassuring, but I have somehow missed the revelation and intimacy of my more random Bible readings. Somehow I don’t want to just read the Bible.

I meditated and prayed, and asked the Lord what He wants me to focus on in the New Year.

I am hungry for deeper growth,

for more insight

and God’s personal revelation while I read.

I want the Word to be daily bread

that nourishes me,

feeds me,

makes me grow,

changes me.

Also, my daughters are random and remote in their Bible reading and I want to spend this December holiday reading the Bible with them for our morning devotions.  I want the Lord to teach us how to really read His Word so that we grow, change, become more like Him.

And, faithfully, as always, the Lord gently led me.  This time to Ann Voskamp’s Holy Experience.  Her writing always inspires me. I came across these words Lectio Divina.  She wrote a beautiful post how to eat differently this year where she describes how to try slow, sacred eating.  She quotes this quote:

Reading, as it were, puts the solid food into our mouths, meditation chews it and breaks it down, prayer obtains the flavour of it and contemplation is the very sweetness which makes us glad and refreshes us.” ~Guigo

Following a link in her post, I came to The World’s Best Bible Reading Program.  Dan at Cerulean describes how to read and re-read the scriptures, each time focusing on different aspects.  He guarantees this:

“If you make The World’s Best Bible-Reading Program your lifetime plan of reading the Bible, you’ll be transformed.

So we will read the Word, maybe just start with a few verses, and re-read those verses and


letting the Word and their meanings become clearer


hear what the Lord says to us personally in those words

Lift voices

in prayer, praying the Word, praising, worshipping, confessing, adoring, pleading and imploring Him to make His word real and alive in our hearts

Live it out

and be doers of those Words, obediently, humbly and faithfully

What simplicity.  It is free.  It is easy enough for my youngest child to learn and practice.

I created a pdf summary of Ann Voskamp’s explanation of how to read the Word slowly and sacredly.  (I added some bookmarks, or you could make some like I did with free paint sample bookmarks.) You can download it here ~ Sacred Eating

I trust the Lord to do a special work as we trust Him and His Word.

May the Lord faithfully lead you deeper in, on and up.

Blessings, Nadene

10 thoughts on “Linger, Listen, Lift up and Live the Word

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    • @Yolanda, I wrote our the bookmarks by hand. You could prepare something similar on a word document and print out several per page on cardstock for your group. Blessings!


  2. Thank you for sharing your plan of study this coming year. I have personally tried to read the Bible in a year and found it to quickly become a duty void of joy and revelation. I had to let it go and either read randomly or follow some study guide, or topic. Thanks again Nadene!


  3. Hi Nadene, thank you so much for this link. I to am coming to the end of reading the bible in one year and I have started to seek God over what He wants me to do for 2011. Also I just wated to thank you for your last post on how you set everything up, it is so informative and helpful and you truly have a remarkable gift. You website has helped me immensly. xxx


  4. Thanks for this, Nadene.
    I, too, love Anne’s writings -and the Lord often takes her gentle and quiet spirit and speaks loudly to me :)Your insight about reading through the Bible is so true. We often turn those plans into yet another thing to just check off our ‘to do’ lists.

    I love your paint sample bookmarks. God has given you an extra measure of creativity. (Maybe you got mine!) 🙂


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