Voting Starts today!

I’m honored to be nominated in the Homeschool Blog Awards under the Best Crafts, Plans and Projects Blog! Thank you!

Join Me at The Homeschool Post!

I enjoyed looking at my favourites and several ‘new’ blogs.

I have started voting.

Have you?


12 thoughts on “Voting Starts today!

    • Go ahead and go back and vote for other categories. You can only vote once for each category, but you may vote in every category.
      (I think, if there is any limit, we can vote for 5 different categories each day from the IP address our computer uses and come back another day to carry on.)


    • Once you vote within a category, it won’t open up the nominations for you again. The categories you haven’t voted in will be open to you still. You can vote once for each category.


    • Yayyyy!!! I’m so excited for you! I nominated you as I just love what you do… you pour your heart and soul into helping others.

      Bless you and you know who I’ll be voting for hehe.

      The above commenter (Beyond Bluestockings) is my wonderful friend… I am glad she made her way over here.


      • Guess what Nadene?!! I nominated you for the category you mentioned at the top of this post, and we were only allowed to nominate one blog for one category ie (I couldn’t nominate you for any other category). Well, you have been nominated ALSO for the following:

        Category #18 The Best Super Homeschooler Blog
        Category #16 Best Variety Blog
        Category #17 The Best Thrifty Homeschooler (I think)

        I am not too sure about #17 because once you vote, you can’t see the nominations again. I have already voted so I can’t double check on that one…

        I am SOOOOOO excited!!!! 😀


        • Wow Amanda – this comes as a real surprise! I hadn’t even gone through all the categories yet. I am so amazed … and humbled … and really delighted to find these other nominations.
          Just over a year ago, I started this blog to share our homeschooling pages and it has been such a blessing. My ‘prize’ has been meeting new friends and learning through wonderful lives shared in this space.
          @Amy Rosa, @Lisa, @Beyond Bluestockings, @Amanda, and all of you, thanks for your encouragement and support.


  1. I voted for you. I hope you win. You have a wonderful blog. It was fun voting for a couple other great blogs in different categories too like Jimmie’s Collage and the Pioneer Woman. I look forward to hearing that you won! 🙂


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