Memorizing The Beatitudes

Blessed are …

For our current Bible Study, we are reading Matthew.

I wanted the girls to memorize a whole passage, verses 3 – 12 …

… The Beatitudes

Because this passage is quite long,

and has matching values and results,

I designed a slide strip page,

where the child inserts the 2 strips and slides them to match.


Front page with 2 slits for the sliding strips


I have used different colours to help visualize and memorize the matching verses.

My children sketched a tiny image for each phrase to also help them memorize the verses.


Strips with matching colours for each verse


For greater mastery,  when the child knows the verses well, she can leave one strip out and memorize the missing part of each verse.

For fun, I made a Matching Beatitudes Card Game.

Here 2 or more people can play “memory” with the Beatitudes cards.


Memory Matching Beatitudes Card Game


I have included a master list for this game.


Master List


Click here for your free download ~  Beatitude Memory Verse Game & Slide Strips

As always, I trust and pray that my children understand and apply these Bible verses to their daily lives.

Only the Holy Spirit produces the life of Christ in us.

We cannot aim for, trust the Lord for, try to be or do any of these Beatitudes.

Only in surrender and death to ourselves, can Jesus live out these Beatitudes through us.

Blessings to you,

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