Making a Polly Pocket in a soap dish!

My younger children love creating toys for their imaginary games.

With only one genuine Polly Pocket between the girls, my 11-year-old created this incredible

Polly Pocket in a soap dish!

We attached the lid to the base with 2 strips of duct tape.

She created the building, furniture and gardens out of cardboard.

She made her Polly Pockets on a piece of straw with cardboard details.

The head is a piece of prestick (sticky tacky).

The hair and clothes are cut and glued cardboard.

She used felt-tip pens to draw the details

These Polly pockets stand in the little cardboard cylinders placed in the house.

The straw fits perfectly inside the cylinder and can stand securely!

She even made a little pony with a straw stuck between 2 cardboard horse shapes and closed with a contour strip.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now the 2 girls can play … and play … and play!

(I confess that I could NOT and did not help!  My child has the most nimble little fingers!)

8 thoughts on “Making a Polly Pocket in a soap dish!

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  3. I am in love with this “pocket!” Your daughter did such a fantastic job. I’ll be back with the boys as I think they would enjoy making some miniature play scenes.

    When they were younger I would put tiny toys into altoid tins for traveling or waiting rooms – I’d forgotten all about that.


  4. What a lovely little creation! I’ll bet she remembers making it & playing with it for a very long time. I know I have fond memories of all the hours & hours my sister & I spent making paper doll clothes.

    I’ve awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award. =D


  5. They did a GREAT job! That is exactly the kind of thing I used to do as a kid. If I didn’t have something, I would make it out of something I could find around the house. Genius! Very creative, but that’s no surprise with what I know about their mother! 🙂


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