Sharing the Homeschool Journey

Support groups, Friendship circles, Co-ops, Forums

In all the 11 years plus of homeschooling, I have travelled on unchartered seas, and taken several unexpected turns and adventures.  Much of this journey I have shared with other homeschooling families.

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I have found common ground in our desire to ~

nurture our children’s spirit and character

see our children learn, grow and mature,

meet and befriend other children,

offer occasions for children to learn social skills and

develop deep and meaningful relationships,

create opportunities for our children to develop new skills and talents,

encourage each other in our desire to protect our children,

offer a nurturing and inspiring education,

offer new experiences,

and visit new and interesting places.

Seldom did curriculums and methods divide our friendship;

nor did learning and teaching styles,

nor different home structures,

nor church and political affiliations.

We have remained strongly

supportive of each other …

through sicknesses




financial crises

marital difficulties

and relocations

We have baby-sat for each other,

given moms an afternoon child-free for doctor and hair appointments .

We have shared our talents and passions,

provided a ‘complete’ education taking subjects we personally could not do well.

We have encouraged each other in new ventures,

and packed moving boxes and made meals.

We have listened to the agony of a mother’s heart with difficult homeschool days,

and encouraged the choices which are hard and emotional.

We have been the “safe” place to run to when emergencies arise,

and our children have trusted friends who are there for them when things are tough.

These are among our nearest and dearest friends.

Friendships are a gift from God.

Right now, I live an hour away from any other group and travel is difficult.  We live a rather isolated life, but just once a month we meet with 1 other like-valued homeschool family with children the same ages as our own and



celebrate birthdays

weep over failures

rejoice in the breakthroughs

pray for each other

build strong bonds of friendship

and we are blessed.

Many homeschool forums and groups offer support and encouragement. I have found  inspiration, ideas, methods and motivation from the many blogs and groups on the internet. (Check the links on my sidebar.)

I urge new homeschool moms to find just 1 other family or mentor to share your journey.  Join a forum.  Email and ask for advice.  You are not alone.

To those wise, experienced and well-seasoned homeschool moms, you are a rich and precious resource.  Offer your advice and counsel.  Become a mentor.  Share the wealth of your experiences.

Share the journey ~ your life will be richer!

How have homeschool groups enriched your journey?

3 thoughts on “Sharing the Homeschool Journey

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  3. What a sweet tribute to your friends. And this is great advice. I spoke at our local homeschool meeting last night and was reminded how newer moms need to know the basics, and need encouragement to keep their expectations real and not get discouraged when the results aren’t immediate.

    It’s a journey – And journeys are always more pleasant when you go with someone else 🙂


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