Pop-Up Books for Free play and Imagination!

A 3D book makes the story come alive!

My children love to read books.

They love to use their imaginations and make-believe.

One of their greatest joys is playing with 3D pop-out books.

Angelina Ballerina’s Pop-up Dancing School is a wonderful book that opens into a house with a ballet studio and theatre.  The characters press out and there is a pocket in front of the book to store them in.  The ribbon holds the book closed or ties the book open to form the 4 room house.  There are several little characters so 3 or so children can play together.  They make up their own stories or embellish the story in the book.

Here are some of our treasured





open doors,

find clues

3 dimensional books:

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3D Book

Image by M*rten via Flickr

Most these books were bought as birthday gifts.

Our 3D collection  reflects choices made for girls, but there are thousands of books available for all ages, interests and gender.

Very young children love to lift flaps and open doors.  They can’t wait to see the hidden image.  Even if they have read the book a thousand times, they still are thrilled to confirm their memory of the picture when they look under a flap and find it there.

3 Dimensions are a fantastic way to let the story literally leap from the page!  3D dramas, scenes of wars, castles and fighting dinosaurs come to life!

They are creative works of art.

They open up a fascinating and delightful world and stimulate a child’s imagination.

While these books are fun, they may not rate as “Living Books” as Charlotte Mason suggests.

My children still treasure classic literature books over these 3D books.  As they get older they request a great book for each birthday.

But while they are young, I enjoy watching them play with their pop-up books.

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  • An amazing pop-up book  Popville illustrates “The growth of a town from a single farmhouse to a thriving city in a series of stylized scenes that build, one upon the next, through a window cut out of the center of the page, so that each development literally overlays the ones beneath“.  (Photos and description here.)
  • Researchers find pop-up books fail as a learning tool, “May have their place as entertainment,” their “bells and whistles” approach appears to be counterproductive to learning. “When attempting to convey information to young children,” they add, “less is more.” (Read the article here.)

6 thoughts on “Pop-Up Books for Free play and Imagination!

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  2. Oh, my – I used to have so many of these books. They were so fun for my oldest children but the youngest have not experienced them! I’m reading the book “Howard’s End is on the Landing” and just read her chapter about pop-ups! Thanks for this unique post – I think it’s time to get back into this type of book. (I love them, too!)


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  4. Many thanks for the mention here Nadine.
    Please do contribute any pop up ideas to the blog.
    I have a busy month doing pop up workshops here in England, with appearances at a couple of festivals, some schools, libraries and a first for me, a session in a children’s hospital in Winchester as part of the Wessex Children’s Book Festival.
    Kids just love creating their own pop up books and I will feature as much of their work on my PopUps blog in the months to come.
    If you want to see my latest work do look at my Tumblr blog http://www.paulstickland.tumblr.com
    or contact me at info@paulstickland.co.uk
    All best wishes,


  5. We checked out a fun one from the library this week. “One Red Dot” by David Carter. Part art, part counting…and a hidden red dot in every pop-up. My kids have loved it! Our library has a special section devoted to the “fragile” books…we will be checking out more! (ps– thanks for stopping by my blog!)


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