Advantages of Sketching Weekly

We regularly take part in Sketch Tuesday.

Doll, calculator and torch use batteries

It is so simple ~

  • Read the new topic
  • Discuss ideas
  • Sketch
  • Paint, colour or shade
  • Scan
  • Email
  • Enjoy the slide show the next Tuesday

And I have seen my young children grow in confidence and skill with regular practice.

Battery-operated toothbrush

With very little, and at times, with no help from me, they fill a page with delightful detail and colour.

I am able to sketch too, which is further proof that I am not involved with their sketches!

These are some of the advantages of regular sketching:

  • They are more familiar with the art materials at hand
  • They enjoy art and are happy while doing their sketches
  • They find a style that they enjoy and are fairly keen to try other techniques
  • They love the freedom of artistic expression and are free to express themselves and their ideas
  • They enjoy interpreting the topics personally
  • They become more visually aware
  • They can start the sketch with very little prompting or help
  • They include minute details
  • They solve artistic ‘problems’ with greater confidence
  • They lay out large full-page sketches with good composition and balance
  • They often complete the sketch with full coloured backgrounds
  • They are happy to display their art
  • They enjoy discussing their completed works
  • They are much more aware in formal art appreciation
  • They approach formal art lessons with enthusiasm

I really urge you to take part in regular art activities.

Many children lose their freedom and liberty when they mature and they become critical of their own art.

These weekly lessons are non-threatening and liberating.  The topics are delightful and the slide shows give the children all the extra encouragement they need.  They love to see what others have done; how they interpreted the topic.

My children do NOT see this as part of school.  They willingly sketch in the evenings or afternoons.  A few times, when our week has been full, they sketch on Sunday, just in time for the Monday deadline!

If you take part already ~ keep on!

If not, yet, then give it a go!  You all will enjoy the benefits!

This week’s assignment due Monday, September 13th:

Sketch something that uses a battery.

Make your sketches and send them in by Monday, September 13th and I will include it in the slideshow on Tuesday morning. All sketchers are welcome and there is no need to sign up. Participate as much as possible and make sketching a weekly habit. Send in your sketches in jpg format and mail them to: Complete instructions are found by clicking the Sketch Tuesday tab at the top of my blog.

Thanks again,
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

18 thoughts on “Advantages of Sketching Weekly

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  9. We, too, have found many benefits of this liberating activity! I have been pleasantly surprised at how excited the kids have been to participate and also at the work that they have produced with absolutely no instruction. I think the fact that this is a non-structured “assignment” has a lot to do with the quality of their work. They are getting incredible self-satisfaction from seeing what they can create “just for fun!” The motivation for doing art that is not tied to a lesson in any way is incredible! Also, over time, the slide shows of the work of others seem to be having a longer term, subtle learning effect. Without anyone instructing in any way, they start to recognize certain qualities and styles in artwork. I have to say that we all anticipate the creations of Nadene! Your artwork has been an extra inspiration in this house. I think it is an added benefit to have works of all levels, qualities, and styles. This shows that even the beginning levels have their places in the learning stages & also it is helpful to have higher level work to study & learn from!


    • Laura, thanks for your insightful comments. I’m so glad that your family also enjoy Sketch Tuesday and are so motivated and creative! Thanks for such flattering remarks about my art – I’m love to sit and sketch with my children instead of teaching them. I agree that the slideshow has that “subtle learning effect”, and I am fascinated at what different children notice.


  10. What a wonderful testimonial about Sketch Tuesday and I could not agree more with your conclusions. We have been at this now for years, with a sketch a week, and I see the confidence my boys have in drawing things now that I know comes from lots and lots of practice.

    I think it teaches them to be problem solvers too.

    Thanks so much for all you do to share Sketch Tuesday with other families.

    (Don’t forget to send in your sketches.)


    • I agree it is liberating and non-threatening! Plus, fun to think past the very first thing that pops into your mind on the topic. We also participate and look forward to it each week. I agree the habit has many, many benefits. Thanks for this encouraging post 🙂


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