Daniel Bible Minibooks

We are studying the book of Daniel.

My children have really enjoyed our Picture This! Bible Study from www.bibledraw.com program!

In fact it is their favourite part of school!

Book of Daniel

(See previous posts and examples of other lessons here ~ Priests, Ruth, Gideon and Samson and Judges.)

The girls love drawing over the ‘shadow’ page and colour in as I read.

'Shadow' page

My Additional Bible Resources:

  • I use The Picture Bible by Faith Kidz.  This is an amazing Bible done in detailed comic strip style.  The pictures are true to the architecture and culture of the times.  These stories are simple, yet an accurate summary of the scriptures.
  • I also read from my (my hubby’s) NKJV Nelson Study Bible.  Using additional notes at the bottom of each page, I can give detailed commentary.

We discuss the scriptures.

The children narrate the story orally.

We end with prayer,  applying the scriptures in prayer to our lives.

The book of Daniel is filled with amazing stories and the children love to narrate each story .

I created a few minibooks with classic pictures and scripture references, which I would love to share with you.

Download the minibooks here ~Daniel Diet Furnace Lions

I hope you can enjoy these! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Daniel Bible Minibooks

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  6. I just wanted to add that we use the Picture Smart bible too and love it! I found this in May at our local curriculum fair. So far we have done The Bridge, Phillipians, Mathew and Mark. I have actually had to start using a timer so that we don’t go over because my kids don’t want to stop. I really recommend it.


  7. The book of Daniel is amazing! I especially love the story about Shadrack, Meshack and Abendigo.

    These lapbooks look exciting!

    ps. Thank you for your comment on the house… just wanted to let you know, that it’s not mine lol… we just drive past it and I thought it was cute! =)


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