Prayer of St Francis

Janice Campbell’s Labour Day meditation today was really inspiring

The YouTube video of Instrument of Peace is truly beautiful!

I taught my children the Prayer of St Francis and played the music most the early morning.

I loved the images in the video and  made several different one-page-minibooks of the prayer.

Minibook with pictures representing the prayer:

Minibook with word graphics for the prayer:

Blank minibook so you can illustrate the pages

These are wonderful minibooks called Hot Dog Minibooks.

With 3 simple folds and 1 little cut, the full-page folds into a tiny 8-page booklet!

Here are the 2 minibooks folded, cut and ready to be glued together.

(Detailed instruction are on the download.)

I’d love to share it with you! 🙂

Here is the download ~ Lord Make Me An Instrument


2 thoughts on “Prayer of St Francis

  1. Thank you so much for putting this together. I tend not to comment much, but you and your family are such an inspiration to us. It’s funny that one of my other friends posted about watching “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” this weekend, so I had been wanting to pull out our books about St. Francis this week anyway and talk to our boys about them. Thanks for the wonderful mini-books we can do together now. 🙂


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