Rivers – Geography Minibooks and Notebook Pages

Our rivers studies in Geography …

Mountain Stream

Image by Bill Swindaman via Flickr

We live high up on a remote mountain farm where the purest mountain water flows into rushing, narrow waterfalls and dark, icy cold pools.

Even when there is no rain or snow, the clouds condense against the rocks and shrubs high in the mountain peaks and water constantly trickles downhill.

Our water is literally flowing out of the mountain – we live near the source!

There is nothing purer than mountain water.

As we drive through the valley below the river is wider, shallow and filled with leaves, sand and muddy deposits.

Breede River Estuary

The river is deeper on the outer curving edges and reeds fill the valley.

Here and there, the river forms small rapids over rocky slopes.

Floods here 2 years ago created large white sand banks.  Fallen logs and trees still lie across the river.

And as we drive an hour or so further to the coast, our river has joined several others and now, large and meandering, flows into an estuary lagoon and trickles out to sea – the river mouth.

Isn’t it wonderful to live, see and even drink this subject?

You can download the 12 page minibooks and notebook pages here ~


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Activities included in this download are:

  • Describe a river from source to mouth – an accordion minibook
  • River Vocabulary – an 8-flap minibook
  • Label the major rivers on each continent – world map
  • Label the major labels on your continent/ in your country – 4-flap minibook with several pages of world maps, maps of Europe, Australia and North and South America.
  • Create a 3D river scene – Pop-up card
  • 2 notebook pages; a blank page for minibook and notebook combinations and half-page-primary-lined.

Here are some more river resources:

  1. Learn all about rivers at enchantedlearning.com
  2. Label the rivers of the world
  3. World river map
  4. River Quiz
  5. Glossary of river terminology
  6. Mapping the worlds rivers – Mapping the worlds rivers (rs.resalliance.org)


Flooding in Brazil


Flooding in Pakistan

As I prepared the river theme, several floods ravaged the world.  You could add this theme and/ or study floods on its own.

You may download this 9 page pdf file which has several images of most the major floods around the world in 2010 ~

Floods Around the World 2010

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4 thoughts on “Rivers – Geography Minibooks and Notebook Pages

  1. I am an educator at a school for disadvantage children in Gauteng. I just want to say thank you for the goedies that I could download. Because my children comes from disadvantage families I have to provide everything for them – lessonplans, background infornmation and all the things that they need to do a research project.tex


  2. This is great! We live near a river, and use it as our normal nature exploration spot. I also have a river nature study lens. This post will get linked soon! Wonderful printables as always, Nadene!


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