Oils of Life

My daughter and I read Beautiful Girlhood

by M. Hale and revised by Karen Andreola

for our “mother-daughter” time together every night.

(You can read my book review here.)

I particularly loved Chapter 17

where she described our lives as a great engine

with fire in the box and steam in the boiler,

but unless it is well-oiled,

it will not make good progress.

Without oil, there will be creaking parts, and friction

and the whole machine will drag.

” Unoiled lives are just the same.  They run hard, with much complaining.  You  can tell them but their lamentations and murmurings, and by the friction with which they do anything.”

So, what oils are recommended?

Annointing Oils

Image by alforque via Flickr

The Oil of Kindness

  • The oil of kindness must go down into the heart and work its way out in words and actions.
  • Kindness of heart loves and accepts others with all their weaknesses and failings.
  • We must hold only kind thoughts about others.  Any unkind thought reminds us that we need to forgive, to find God’s compassion for the person who offended or hurt us.
  • The oil of kindness makes us forgiving and helps us treat others well.
  • This oil will be a blessing to everyone in the home or workplace.
  • Galatians 5: 22 says, “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”

The Oil of Politeness

  • Alone politeness does not do thorough work, but combined with the oil kindness, will show genuine character.
  • This oil will produce simple phrases such as,

“Thank you,” and “If you please,” I beg your pardon,” and “Please excuse me,” making good lubricants for courtesies with others.

  • Our children need to practice social graces such as rising and giving their seats to older people,
  • being respectful to the aged or infirm,
  • remaining quiet when adults are talking,
  • waiting patiently,
  • and offering others first.
  • Such polite practises make life pleasant for others.
  • Politeness is the measure of training. Even young children must practise being polite.

The Oil of Patience

  • Anyone not well-oiled with patience is liable to become cross, irritable and sharp-spoken.
  • The lack of this oil will be felt by all.
  • An impatient expression, nasty tone of the voice, ugly manner of speaking will all indicate a need for this oil.  Without patience we jar others.  We clang like noisy gongs.  We jerk and jolt relationships without the lubrication of patience.
  • Patience will add to kindness and provide a life full of pleasantness.
  • Patience must be practised.
  • Although it is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, it is also a choice.  We choose to be patient instead of demanding and insisting on our own way.

The Oil of Thoughtfulness and The Oil of Consideration

  • Both these oils work closely together to prevent families and social groups becoming rusty.
  • Members of family live so closely together that these oils are vital.
  • Children must practise acts of thoughtfulness.  Parents should encourage these qualities and give their children the opportunity to demonstrate thoughtfulness. Start each week with reminders and encourage random acts of thoughtfulness and kindness.  Eventually this can become a family habit.
  • Perhaps this oil is best developed while giving gifts of service, gifts of cards, words of exhortation, helping with practical little acts for others; love in practical demonstration.
  • Do I rub others the wrong way?  Then I need a few drops of thoughtfulness.
  • Am I rough?   Do I wear others down?  The oil of consideration stops such friction.  If others need this oil, my gifts of thoughtfulness may spread out and ease their rough and weary natures.
  • The parable of the Good Samaritan demonstrates how kindness, mercy and thoughtfulness are practical acts.  The Good Samaritan poured oil on the wounds, bandaged the man, took him to an inn and paid for extra care.

Where do I find these oils?


I need to come to the Throne of God daily for fresh supplies of the oils of the Holy Spirit.

I must confess my trespasses; forgive others their offenses.

I must seek Him for His mercy and grace.

His very presence pours precious and gentle oils into my life;

fills my life with perfect,

sweet aromas,

trickles smooth oils

of patience,



and love.

I can then,

in turn,

pour out



and holy acts of love



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6 thoughts on “Oils of Life

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  2. This was beautiful Nadene. I so love the truth and importance of these oils. I am in need of a little topping up I think lol. This was a good reminder to me, as I know I have been short on patience lately.

    Thank you for posting this!


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