Oceans Minibooks and Notebook Pages for Geography

This week we continued our Geography studies and dived into …


We combine our notebook and minibook pages; pasting the minibooks on our notebook pages.

My children write a lot of information in these minibooks.

They often prefer to draw or illustrate concepts on their notebook pages.

A little note for moms of young children ~

I still often act as scribe for my 8-year-old.  I insist that she writes at least 1 minibook, and even so, she dictates to me and I write it on our little whiteboard.  She then copies the work in her minibook.  With gentle persuasion, I hope to wean her from much of my writing and allow her to do more on her own.

She is the type of child who hates to make mistakes!  It is this anxiety that I think holds her back from freely writing on her own.  But my years of teaching experience reassure me that she will eventually become an eloquent and proficient writer!

So what minibooks are in this bundle?

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  • Continents and Oceans of the World – a world map with 6 flaps. (Great for revision!)
  • Oceans, Lakes and Rivers of your land – 3 flap minibook
  • Ocean Currents – double fold and flaps over a map.  Children draw in the currents.
  • Oceans, Major Rivers, Ports, Habours, Transport, Sport and beaches – layer minibook.
  • Oceans Fact boxes – on waves, tides, currents and salt
  • Ocean Vocabulary – and octagon petal minibook
  • A notebook page to complete the download.
  • A pop-up card and pictures to create a 3D tidal pool.  Something creative!

Click the heading below for your download:


Here are some of the online resources:


Online World Continent and Oceans Quiz lizardpoint.com

Maps of all oceans geography.about.com

12 thoughts on “Oceans Minibooks and Notebook Pages for Geography

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  3. I had to comment on your note about scribing for the daughter who hates to make mistakes. I have done the same thing for my daughter. I was so relieved to hear your experience. I just realized my almost ten year old is suddenly getting brave with her writing, and trying things on her own… even if she does make some mistakes.


  4. Nadene,
    Do you have a post where you describe in more detail the process of how you go through the writing process with your youngest. You said that she dictates to you, you write it and she copies. My question is – how do you address gramatical or other errors? (For example, my son loves to use “And then” at the beginning of every sentence or he’s used verb tense incorrectly.)
    Thank you for the wonderful stuff you offer for free! What a blessing!


  5. Hi, Nadene!

    This looks fabulous! I tried to download the file, but it kept coming up with an error that the file was corrupt or damaged. Would you be able to send it to me in an e-mail?



  6. Hi Nadine,
    I just love your blog. I have been following for a bit. It is nice to hear my I am not the only one still scribing for a 8 year old. My approach is almost like yours. Hoping it gets better. I am starting copy work this year in the hopes that it will help. I just started blogging
    Check it out if you like and I would love any constructive feedback should you have any:)


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