Our Latest Copywork And Dictation Pages

We use Sonlight’s Language Arts and they offer weekly dictation and copywork selections from their readers.

Sonlight's Copywork page

Copywork is the basic starting point to teach both handwriting and enrich  language studies.  Just by copying good written examples, they learn spelling, grammar and style.

Dictation is the next phase in encouraging children to memorize the spelling and the sentences as they copy them during the week.  Ultimately, our children need to improve these skills until they can write the entire passage without any help or peeping!

Because the Sonlight worksheets are in print and I want my children to practice cursive handwriting, I have printed out my beginner cursive writer’s selections in our favourite style cursive on primary lined paper.

Chosing a handwriting style is very personal.  It is always best to start with basic general style and allow the child to develop his/her own flair as they mature.

We have 2 font styles we like:

I  prefer the ABC Cursive font because it is the exact style our South African schools use and I used this style for our laminated handwriting charts.

ABC Cursive copywork

My daughter prefers the loopy, more upright style of the Cursif font.  We correct basic upper case letter differences and our ‘r’s.  I don’t mind the slight differences as long as she writes neatly and carefully when she copies her work.

Cursif Copywork

You may download the copywork pages for Reading with Easy Readers:

Copywork Dictation with Easy Readers ~ with ABC Cursive Font

Copywork Dictation Easy Readers Cursif ~ using the upright, loopy Cursif Font

More Practical Pages on Copywork and Handwriting:

Print your own primary lined pages for spelling and other writing.

Read about our laminated handwriting charts

Read about how to add your own fonts on to you computer.

Teaching print handwriting step-by-step

Free Booklet  on Handwriting Tips

Go to my Copywork pages for more free copywork pages.

I will upload my middle school child’s Nature Quotes Copywork pages very soon!

6 thoughts on “Our Latest Copywork And Dictation Pages

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  3. Hi there. Thank you for this, it’s been really helpful. It was so helpful that I didn’t even know that there was two kinds of cursive handwriting. I was only taught the ABC cursive threw out school and had no idea there was another version to learn. I always loved how beautiful it looks. Where would I find information and how to learn the loopy curly cursif handwriting? I would love to learn it. The direction copywork ABC cursive download sheet doesn’t show properly, the s’s come out cut off.


  4. Hi Nadene! Right now we’re using My Father’s World – well it’s a long story but I’m looking into Sonlight. It looks pretty expensive. I’m not sure if I’m not understanding the process right (it’s not as straight forward as other curriculum magazines) or is there a way you recommend that saves money? What do you do/use of sonlight?


    • Bridgett, I reuse all our Sonlight cores and books with my younger children as they are brilliant. I currently buy Language Arts and Maths for each child. You can select specific books, but Sonlight is known for its out-of-the-box curriculum with all the books, planning and schedules laid out for you. Expensive, but fabulous if you can afford it!


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