Something With Words On It ~ Sketch Tuesday

This week we drew

“Something With Words On It”

There was so much around us with words on it …

It was almost impossible to find anything without words on it …


Here’s our sketches:

A Roald Dahl book and tissue box by Miss. L 8 years

A DVD cover "The Devil Wears Prada" by Miss.K 10 years

My Recipe Rolodex

A few of my readers have asked how Sketch Tuesday works and so here is a step-by-step explanation:

  1. Visit Barb’s Sketch Tuesday at  Harmony Art. She posts the previous week’s slideshow and gives the  new Sketch Tuesday assignment on her blog each week.
  2. Discuss, research (if you need to) and decide what you and your children want to sketch and spend the week sketching.
  3. Email Barb your best sketches (only 1 per person) to by Monday each week.  Remember to put “Sketch Tuesday” with the theme in the subject of your email and type your names in the body of the email.  (You could write her a brief letter if you wish, but this is just to prevent un-written attachment emails being sent to her Spam box.)
  4. Check her Harmony Art blog on Tuesday.  She puts all the sketches in a slideshow (hosted on Flicker) and writes up the next assignment.
  5. This is a free and completely voluntary assignment.  You don’t have to join or sign in.  You are not compelled to take part every week if you do join in.  There is no winner, no comments or evaluations.  We all really enjoy participating in a non-threatening assignment.  My kids can’t wait for each week’s assignment!

So I hope this encourages you to join in!

See you at the slide show! 🙂

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