What little Girls and Little Boys Should Be Taught

This inspired me ~

94 page PDF SAMPLER preview of


from The Easy Homeschooling Library

on homeschoolfreebie.wholesomechildhood.com

I especially loved this ~

What a Little Girl Should Be Taught

• To cook plain wholesome food
• To make her own clothes
• To be neat and orderly
• To care for her own room
• To learn well the art of housekeeping
• To care for her person
• To exercise a quiet reserve in the presence of boys and men
• That all cheap talk is unbecoming
• That loose jokes about “beaux” and “lovers” are improper
• That modesty is a priceless treasure, and will prove her surest
• That her brothers are better escorts than most other young men
• That her mother is her best companion and counselor
• That her dress should be plain and not the chief subject of her
thoughts or conversation
• That she should wear only such styles of clothing as will cover
her person modestly
• That it is better to be useful than ornamental
• That there will be time enough to learn fancy work after she has
learned to darn stockings
• That the old rule, “A place for everything and everything in its
place,” is a good one
• That she should dress for health and comfort as well as for appearance
Home and Health © 1907, Pacific Press Publishing

What a Little Boy Should Be Taught

• To be strong and brave—a little man
• To shun evil companions
• To respect gray hairs
• To be gentle
• To be courteous
• To be prompt
• To be industrious
• To be truthful
• To be honest
• To prefer the companionship of his sisters over other girls
• To honor his father and mother
• To be temperate
• To discard profanity
• To be thoughtful and attentive
• To keep himself pure
• To be his sister’s protector
• To refuse to listen to vulgar jokes or stories
• To use common tools skillfully
• To care for his own room
• To do all kinds of housework
• To earn money and to take care of it
• To be neat and orderly in his habits and appearance
• To be self-reliant
• To be his father’s partner
Home and Health © 1907, Pacific Press Publishing

This pdf sampler is really inspiring.

What I read resonated with my Homeschooling convictions.

After reading these lists …

I reaffirmed my goals and values,

re-committed my heart

resolved to tackle some issues,

added skills to our goals for the year,

and determined to prayerfully press on and up.

If the complete curriculum is anything like the sampler, I believe it would be excellent.  I think I will make a poster for our contemplation …

Do you have  “Easy Homeschooling” books by Lorraine Curry?

What are your impressions?

What would you add to this list?


8 thoughts on “What little Girls and Little Boys Should Be Taught

  1. I just finished reading Easy Homeschooling Techniques and loved it. I also have three other books to read and am looking forward to them. This is a book I will probably read again and highlight from. I did read the list of what little girls/boys should be taught and thought it was very relevant. Her recommendations for resources is also excellent. I found I related to this person a lot because of my own issues so I really enjoyed what I have read so far.


  2. Very interesting list for girls! However my daughter who wants to jump out of planes as a photo journalist, ride horses like a cowboy, learn to play her electric guitar and drums would baulk at that list – LOL! 🙂


  3. Maybe I should add though (with less tongue in cheek) that the heart is what counts and these are decent values for our children, even though it seems a little stereotyped, as in my home boys need to “darn” and cook too!


  4. I am not sure if you know the Keepers of the Faith Series? But we have both books for girls and boys and the “Little Keepers/Contenders” series and we use them interchangeably for our 2 boys and 2 girls.

    I love my “superman” dearly but he was never taught how to care for a home or cook and I know that when I was in hosiptal for all 4 of my children’s births, it would have been wonderful to have come home to a clean home and some meals. This is the one thought I keep in my mind when I teach my sons to do their work in the home and cook. “Oneday my daughter in laws will love me for it!” 🙂


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