Some help with planning

This is the time of the year when most non-South Africans plan or complete their planning for the next year.

(In South Africa our school year begins in January so we do most our planning towards the end of the calendar year.)

Last year I wrote about how I did my planning.

I have summarized these pages and created a new page  ~ Planning Pages

You are most welcome to click over there and take a look.  I hope you will find something useful and practical!

One thought on “Some help with planning

  1. That’s cool you live in South Africa! Thanks for posting these and having them available to others. They look great and useful. Right now we are using mainly My Father’s World for the our first kindergartener. It’s what my husband felt the most comfortable with and his support is important! I’m hoping that over the next two years I can slowly fade into our own curriculum. Some pages are useful now and the rest for when that day comes. 🙂 Thanks again! You are stellar!


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