Blogs With Substance: Passing it Along

My First Blog Award!

I am totally delighted that Barb of  Handbook of  Nature given me this award!

I regularly read her Harmony Art blog and take part in her Sketch Tuesday assignments and have always found Barb’s posts and comments so enriching and encouraging.

I am totally honoured that she considers my blog to have substance ~ Thanks Barb!

The Award Rules:
•Thank the blogger who awarded it to you.
•Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using ten (10) words.
•Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.

So here’re my 10 words summing up my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience …

“Creating, sharing, encouraging, inspiring, and motivating moms freely and practically!”

Now, I will pass this award to these blogs which I feel have real substance:

Just Us Lee is a homeschool mom who shares fantastic  homeschool resources she creates for free and her blog has an extensive list of other free homeschool resources.

Wendy of  Urban Homestead South Africa has several blogs and I love this site for the wonderful green living, gardening, and homesteading tips and recipes and ideas !

Notebooking Pages Debra inspires me every time I visit her site.

Filth Wizardry Here is a blog with pre-school creativity on a huge scale and qualifies for a Blog with Substance Award. This is where I find inspiration in abundance!

Susan Striker features creative art ideas and I love her Come Play page.

Peace Creek on the Prairie features Betty, a Christian Homeschooling farm wife’s journey with her 6 gorgeous children on their homeschool journey.  I love the variety and interest of her posts.

Whimsy-girl.blogspot is chock-a-block full of crafty ideas!  I love her creative projects!

Simple Mom has lovely practical inspirational posts about parenting, motherhood and homemaking.

Jimmie’s Collage is famous among homeschool moms and Jimmie has already been given this blog award, but she also creates wonderful Squidoo lenses and I just have to tip my hat to her for her amazing resources, tutorials and tips she shares.

Amy in Peru writes a wonderful blog Fisher and I find her posts rich and descriptive and inspiring.

Well, I trust you find these blogs really substantial and inspirational.

Blessings, Nadene


6 thoughts on “Blogs With Substance: Passing it Along

  1. Thank so much my friend. I hope to acknowledge your award on my blog this week. I am inspired by all you do with your girls in the art field and Miss S tells me everyday she would “do well in your home!” 🙂


  2. hey! thanks for this! i am just now getting around to replying to all my friends VERY old comments! you are so sweet to have listed me on here! i love your site 🙂

    sorry it took me so long to acknowledge!!

    amy in peru


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