Art Sketch Tuesday “J” for …

Sketch something that begins with J

The girls all thought of jelly beans!

This is what they drew ~

Jar of Jelly Beans by Miss.L 8 years old

Jar of Jelly Beans by Miss. K 10 years old

Jar of Jelly Beans by Miss. A 11 years old

And I, typically homesteading,

chose my friend’s gifts to me last week ~

these beautiful jam bottles

Jam Jars by Nadene

Barb at Harmony Art Mom says,

“Make your sketches and send the image in JPEG format to: by Monday, July 12th and I will include them in the slideshow on Tuesday.

All sketchers are welcome and there is no need to sign up.

For more details on Sketch Tuesday you can click on the Sketch Tuesday tab at the top of my blog.”

She requests that we email her our sketches before Monday evening.  She asks that we write Sketch Tuesday in the subject line and then in the body of the email please type something even if it just says that it is for Sketch Tuesday or the number of sketches attached.

We’ve missed a few weeks due to school holidays and visitors, but we were all thrilled to sit and sketch again this week.

Hope to see your entries in the next slide show!

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