South Africa Soccer World Cup Fever!

South Africa is hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup

and all our government schools enjoy an extended winter vacation.

June 16, 2010 -  Cape Town, South Africa - epa02205605 South African soccer fans cheer  ahead of the FIFA 2010 World Cup Group A match between South Africa and  Uruguay at the Fan Fest in central Cape Town, South Africa 16 June 2010.  Fan parks across Cape Town reached capacity as thousands of South  African soccer fans flooded the city to watch the game.

We enjoy the festive atmosphere in our host cities.

Brightly coloured South African flags flutter on cars

and fans blow vuvuzelas (long plastic trumpets) on the streets.

Shop displays are bright and colourful.

The soccer theme is everywhere!

We enjoy our school holidays and lazy mornings.

And to top our winter Soccer World Cup memories,

we had snow fall to our house!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most South Africans

as we seldom see snow,

let alone play in it,

and we HAD to build a snow man!

Snow man

SWC Snow Man

Soccer World Cup style!

What wonderful winter 2010 memories!

4 thoughts on “South Africa Soccer World Cup Fever!

  1. Wonderful Nadene! We hope to go to the snow in Ceres again this year. It’s a long drive but worth it. How nice to have it outside your door.

    We are doing the FIFA fan walk on Saturday from CT station to the Stadium along with about 40 000 other people. Can’t wait!


  2. Isn’t it lovely to see kids play with snow? It makes them so happy.

    We crossed the Alps for Italy and my daughter threw snowballs in mid-June. Snow under a bright sun.

    So must your snowfall be: just amazing.


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