Learning Geography with “Simon Says”

We are studying the hemispheres and found this wonderful Geography Classroom Game ~

play “Geography Simon Says”

"Tropic of Cancer" = Shoulders!

But before the game we first learnt about the Equator, Tropics and Arctic and Antarctic circles and North and South Poles.

The kids found and named all the latitude lines on our globe.

Then we checked the names and positions on our maps.

Now we could play!

We named the body:

Top of head = North Pole
Ears = Arctic Circle *
Shoulders = Tropic of Cancer
Waist = Equator
Knees = Tropic of Capricorn
Shins = Antarctic Circle *
Toes = South Pole

* Once the kids had mastered the basics, I added the Arctic and Antarctic circles.

It took just a few rounds for the kids to learn all these important positions on the globe … and we had fun!

I am using Intelligo Unit Studies for our Geography course.

We used all these links for this Unit Study:

World Atlas – Hemispheres


How to Teach Latitude and Longitude

Games involve different learning styles. This physical activity is valuable  for kinesthetic learners (children who need to do/ act/ move what they are learning).  Games only need about 5 to 10 minutes, but they secure the new information in a dynamic way.

Our young children (and moms, too) must get out of our chairs and be actively involved when learning.  Hands-on activities, games, projects and fun create a happy learning environment.

Homeschool is fun!

8 thoughts on “Learning Geography with “Simon Says”

  1. This is a great idea. What a fun way to learn all about geography and the earth. I will surprise my children with this game tomorrow – thanks once again for taking the time to share great ideas for us home school Mum’s…


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