To the Beach! Sketch Tuesday

This week we had to sketch what we would take to the beach …

Each of us could easily imagine or find these things … and wish we could be off to the beach … (it’s winter here in South Africa!)

My children drew from memory and I set up a small still life.  Somehow a still life is easier for me to sketch.

We all used different media this week.

Miss.L used glitter pens and pencils and drew lots of small detailed drawings.

Miss.K  painted her background and used felt-tipped pens for her sketch.

And I completed my sketch with felt-tipped pens.  I loved the use of different lines to create shadows and textures.

Barb has had an increase in sketch entries – yay!  She has requested that we try email her our entries before Monday evening as she is inundated with loads of last-minute post.

We usually start our new week’s sketch after we look at the Sketch Tuesday slide show.  So if you haven’t tried yet, come on, join in!

This week’s assignment due Monday, May 24th: Sketch something you take to the beach.

As always, everyone is welcome to sketch and if you send in your sketches by Monday, May 24th they will be included in the slideshow on Tuesday morning.

Please send your sketches to: Please remember that the images need to be in jpg format so that I can easily upload them to Flickr for the slideshow.

Have fun with your sketching!
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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