Yummy Desserts ~ Sketch Tuesday

We all were inspired to sketch this week’s assignment ~ our favourite Dessert.

Even though I didn’t need to do any research, I really enjoyed looking at a few cookbooks to wet my appetite to sketch something really delightful.

In fact, I am of that special group of people who could eat meals from the dessert first and end with the starter!  At buffets, I always check out the puddings first, before I begin, so that I know how much space I need to leave!

As the previous week, my 8-year-old needed no assistance or encouragement to begin and she quickly sketched and coloured her favourite dessert – an ice cream delight!

My 10-year-old had this yummy pudding in mind ~ ice-cream and cheese cake.  She painted her picture and added a few koki details.

My favourite dessert is a Berry Pavlova. I painted mine and wished it would come to life!

We have enjoyed every week of Sketch Tuesday assignments and it has injected a fresh dynamic to our free art time!

Why don’t you join in?

Please send your sketches to: sketchtuesday@yahoo.com. Please remember that the images need to be in jpg format so that I can easily upload them to Flickr for the slideshow. Also, because of the increase in the number of sketches, please limit it to one sketch per child.

You can read about Sketch Tuesday posts here.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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