Beautiful Girlhood Ideals

I read Beautiful Girlhood by Karen Andreola to my pre-teen daughter every night.  (Read my review of this wonderful book in my Book List Pages.)

We are discussing the chapter on Ideals and I was touched and challenged by the picture of this “beautiful woman” described here.

During my quiet time I drew this picture for the girls ~

In this modern age there are sadly very few virtuous role models for our daughters, (especially not among the youth!)

As I read the qualities of these “ideals”, I realized that we need contemporary Christian women who are an inspiration and an ideal for young women.

I am grateful for those beautiful Christian women who stand apart for the Lord and by their quiet, unobtrusive humility and grace, and call us to a Godly standard.

I have prayerfully sought the Lord for His grace and strength to upgrade my life before my young daughters.

I want to be their inspiration and their role model.

You may download this picture to encourage others ~ Beautiful Ideals


9 thoughts on “Beautiful Girlhood Ideals

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