Sketch Tuesday – Bubbles

We all bubbled with enthusiasm doing this week’s Sketch Tuesday assignment!

My youngest child delighted me and simply dived in and filled her page with whales and bubbles.  She had an idea and went ahead without a thought or question!  I just love young children and art – they have no fears!  And she loved her artwork.  She added just a few minor details and a little work on the outlines, then she hung her painting on our gallery and ran off to play!

Miss.L's Bubbles

Miss.K and I experimented with wet paint techniques – she placed plastic food wrap over her wet paint to create ripples and bubbles while I loved the effects of bubble wrap on wet paint – it left perfect bubble shapes!  I downloaded bubble images from Google and we looked at  colours, shapes and reflections.

bubble images and bubble wrap

Miss.K filled her page with bubbles and shaded them using twisty crayons.  She really mastered the shading effects! She then added her duck and her picture had a theme! “Bath Time!”

Miss.K's Bubbles

I used water pencils, sketching all the shades and colours before painting the bubbles with clear water to create the water paint effect.  I added my teacup and my theme was “Kitchen Sink” – typical mom! I eventually painted more bubbles with just paint and used the water pencils over the wet paint for more detail.

Mom's Bubbles

I must say that none of us needed a theme – we could have just filled the page with bubbles.  It was wonderfully right-brained art – just random spaces to fill.  We could have spent forever sketching bubbles, but somehow, placing the bubbles in a place gave a theme.

Last week we were so busy with our Cezanne Still Life art that we didn’t join Sketch Tuesday, but I urge you to join in when you can.  My children enjoy the Sketch Tuesday challenge coming from “outside the home” and somehow the deadline does give us an incentive to get on with the assignment.

“This week’s assignment, due Monday, May 3rd:
Sketch something with bubbles.

As always, everyone is welcome to sketch and if you send in your sketches by Monday, May 3rd they will be included in the slideshow on Tuesday morning. Please send your sketches to: Please remember that the images need to be in jpg format so that I can easily upload them to Flickr for the slideshow.

Great slideshow this week…thanks so much for your support.
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Check out the slideshow on Tuesday and see what next weeks assignment will be …

4 thoughts on “Sketch Tuesday – Bubbles

  1. When I started reading this, I thought you were going to take a completely different tact! My daughter’s been fascinated about how whales ‘catch’ fish by blowing bubble nets .. so you see I already had that in mind when I saw the first picture.

    But now that I see it for what it is, how lovely!!!!
    I really like the beautiful pictures you’ve created.
    Inspiring, as always! 🙂


  2. We’re really enjoying it too. Thanks for sending us in that direction.
    We went outside to blow bubbles and to take the time to look at them closely at the level of my babes (shape, colours, refraction etc).
    When we got back inside, they both did a picture of blowing bubbles, but the bubbles themselves were done quite differently and concentrated on different things that they had seen.
    Cheers again,


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