Art Appreciation ~ Cezanne Fruit Still Life

This week we started our study of Cezanne, a famous Post-Impressionist artist.

As this was our introduction lesson,we read Cezanne’s biography.  (During our next lesson we’ll revise his life story and the children write a narration of his biography on our Famous Impressionist Biography pages.)

I found a video showing about 5 minutes of his works with pleasant background music at Ambient Art – Cezanne.

For this week’s art lesson we chose to focus on Cezanne’s fruit still life paintings.  (Next week I think we will study his landscapes …)

Cezanne described the shapes that he found in nature as cubes, cones, cylinders and spheres.

We looked at how to shade a sphere at Learn To Art,  and we found this picture at showing the highlights and shadows very helpful:

Drawing Lesson - Understanding Light

We found this wonderful example of how to draw fruit using coloured pencils at

Plum in the Middle

And there was An Easy Beginner Drawing Lesson showing how to do a pencil sketch of a pear at

Now we were ready to draw.

Miss.L decided to sketch and colour the painting of Glass and Pears which we had in our book Impressionist Painters by Guy Jennings.  She needed a little help with her contour lines, on the first few pears, but quickly got the hang of shading with 3 different shades of each colour.  She started with the lightest colour, then the middle shade and then completed each fruit with the darkest colour at the edges, and created shadows.

Inspiration and Sketch

Glass and Pears by Miss.L (nearly 8 yrs)

Miss.K and I sketched the apple still life I set up to resemble Cezanne’s Apples and Oranges (except I didn’t have any oranges.)  She quickly mastered the shading technique we studied, and her apples turned out very well.  I spent at least an hour longer on my sketch and thoroughly enjoyed my art time.

Still Life and sketch

Apple Still Life by Miss.K (10 yrs)

And this is the sketch I completed:

Nadene's Still Life

I hope to do a few more Cezanne picture studies in the next weeks.  We have our Famous Impressionist Lapbook minibooks printed and we will use the Cezanne’s minibook to conclude our Cezanne study.

What Cezanne activities have you and your children enjoyed?

(PS: I have updated all the references and links as the orignal links no longer worked.)

5 thoughts on “Art Appreciation ~ Cezanne Fruit Still Life

  1. This is a wonderful art appreciation post. I cannot believe how wonderful your children’s still life sketches are! You are a talented teacher and your children are talented artists. We are blessed by your sharing.


  2. Great drawings! It inspires us to sit down and do some still life drawing as well. On the other hand….the flowers are blooming (in Belgium) now and we just need to see them and take lots of photo’s.
    Keep going, you all are talented.


  3. Magnificent! Are your children naturally artistic or do you have some trick up your sleeve on teaching them. My eldest DD who is 7 likes to draw, and I’m trying to guide her, but have not gotten my hands on the right materials. I’ll take a look at the websites you have provided. Thanks!


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