Art Era Timeline #2 ~ 19th Century Art

Last week I posted my first in a series of 4 Art Movement Timelines.

I have divided them into sections due to the size of the downloads.

Click here for your 14 page download Art Timeline on 19th Century Art ~ Art Era Timeline 19thC-Late 19thC

I have provided a basic definition of each art movement and included the dates and  names of  the founders and the most eminent artists of that movement. Each artist has a thumbnail of their work. I have placed each art movement on a new page for clarity and to assist the study of different eras.

19th Century Art Movement Timeline focuses on the following movements:

Painting of Monet in the MET, NY

Image via Wikipedia

  • Romanticism
  • The Hudson River School
  • The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
  • Victorian Classicism
  • The Arts and Crafts Movement
  • Symbolism
  • Realism
    The Barbizon School
  • Impressionism
    Les Nabis
  • Fauvism

Here’s a peek at the timeline:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some ideas on how to use this timeline:

  • Print it and create an Art Book of Centuries, or
  • Add these pages to a student’s own Book of Centuries or
  • Cut and paste the pages end-to-end as a continual vertical art timeline (it will be huge!)
  • Cut out and add the artists and their art work thumbnails to a dedicated art timeline or an existing timeline
  • Laminate and cut the artists as cards and let children match the artists to the eras
  • Use the information and write your own artists on the timeline as you study them

I downloaded all the information for these timelines from

Have you downloaded all the other Free Artists and Impressionist Artists Pages?

3 thoughts on “Art Era Timeline #2 ~ 19th Century Art

  1. I just want to personally thank-you for your blog, ideas, and your AWESOME downloads. I have a child who just recently became aware of his artistic talents and now just absorbs art like a sponge. You have helped me out so much in what to teach him. THANK-YOU so very much!


  2. I am so very appreciative of all the hard work you do and freely make available for us… This year I did not think I would be able to get around to doing art or composer studies for my two older children with a new born and a very active toddler. But because you have made up all the information we are able to go ahead and enjoy our studies very much. So thank you from the bottom of my heart…


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