Mom’s are best for their children

How often do moms question their ability?
Most homeschool moms have this fear … that they are not qualified to tackle the job.

My first motherhood lessons were learnt while struggling to breastfeed my first baby. I needed help. The La Leche League (breastfeeding) counsellor came and visited me in hospital and affirmed my desire to breastfeed. She equipped me with some technical tips and strengthened my resolve to continue despite pain, sickness, and other contributing factors that made my first attempts so difficult.

One wonderful fact she shared was this ~ Each mother’s breast milk is unique for that baby’s physical needs and chemically continually changes to remain a constant source of perfect nourishment. How marvellous the Lord is, to equip us to be the perfect mother for that baby!

The Lord equips a mother’s heart … The Lord keeps us in touch; and helps us constantly adjust, perceive, notice our child’s needs.

How many moms can instantly notice when a child is not themselves? Almost without thought, they sift through the reasons … is he sickly/ sleepy/ hungry/ lonely/ afraid/ need physical affection …

So what does this have to do with homeschooling?

Most moms fear that they lack training and technical skills.

How do I teach a child to read? Me, teach Maths? What about high school?

Most moms need encouragement. Many moms need reassurance and affirmation.  New homeschooling moms need some technical help, organizational tools and  curriculum or schedule advice.  Moms need to read, research and chat to other moms who are facing similar challenges.

I urge you to homeschool your young child!  You offer the most intimate learning relationship. Moms  are spiritually, chemically, emotionally and physically connected to their child. A mom will always know their child better than any trained professional.  You will notice and rejoice an all his accomplishments!  You can encourage him when the new skills are challenging. You can disciple and train him in character. And, yes, you can teach your child to read and do maths and blossom in High School!

When your mother-instincts are not enough to guide you through a difficult situation, PRAY, and trust the Lord to lead you to the advice and support that will affirm you and your choices for your child.  Always take it back to the LordI believe in the Lord’s report about my child, and not the doctor’s/therapist’s/or professional’s report.

My heart resounds with these joys ~

  • Homeschooling my children is a privilege!
  • Homeschooling my high school daughter is even more of a privilege!
  • I love to pray and disciple my children every day.
  • I love the days where I can build up my children.
  • I love our singing and laughing together.
  • I relish the opportunity to offer my children encouragement and motivate them.
  • I love the intimacy and affection we share when we cuddle and read together or laugh at a silly comment or giggle while we try figure out a problem.
  • I love to hear my kids tell dad what they’ve learnt.
  • I love to see the sparkle in their eyes when they’ve managed to read a whole page on their own.
  • I love to hear their narrations and know that they have really listened and understood what I was reading.
  • I love to read their thank you and love notes and see their spelling improve through the year.
  • I love looking out the window a see the kids playing the history they’ve just read about in their games outside.
  • I get a thrill hearing them discuss things at the family meal that reveal their inner convictions that were built through the opportunities homeschool offers.
  • I love to hear my youngest recite her Mother Goose rhymes in her bedroom when she thinks no one is around.
  • I love to see them master reading and fractions and high school subjects when I thought that it was too hard!

None of us started our motherhood fully trained, yet we are our child’s best mother.

And, yes, sometimes we need help and support.

Now and then, we lose perspective – but it is usually T.L.P. – Temporary Loss of Perspective.

All of us are doubtful at times.

BUT, we are the best teacher to homeschool our children – especially when our children are young.

Keep going.

Don’t give up.

Maintain your course on this grand choice to homeschool.

Have you joined a homeschool support group/ forum?  Here are some excellent homeschool forums you could join:

The Homeschool Lounge

Heart of the Matter Online


4 thoughts on “Mom’s are best for their children

  1. Practical Pages?
    Spiritual Pages!
    I just pick this one:
    ‘I love to hear my kids tell dad what they’ve learnt’ and may I add: ‘….and smile when Daddy shows he is really surprised’.
    Lovely words…many thanks.


  2. Hi Nads, reading this made me realize why I love you so much. You inspire and the way you say something very simple so very special is so awesome. Keep up with this pages they are excellent. Love always Estelle


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