Make Unusual but Simple Books

These are my favourite books to make in a jiffy and they look so unique!

The stick and elastic book:

4 pages + cover + stick + elastic

stick & elastic book assembled

  1. Assemble, fold or cut the pages to size you need.
  2. Punch in the middle of the folded side.
  3. Insert elastic from back of the book. (Make sure the elastic is as long as the space between the 2 holes you punched.)
  4. Push stick/ twig through loop in the front.
  5. Insert the other side of the elastic at the back of the other hole.
  6. Press stick/ twig through 2nd loop.  (Double loop the elastic if it is slightly too loose.)
  7. Viola! An instant fastened book!

You can use any kind of stiff  stick ~

  • a kebab stick (cut off the sharp end!)
  • a porcupine quill
  • a cute straw
  • a pencil (not to use, but for the journalism theme)
  • a strong quill feather with a shaft that is long enough not to bend where the elastic hooks over
  • a crochet hook (for a crochet pattern?)
  • a branch from a tree (as in my example for our nature walk)

The Step Book:

4 pages folded in steps + punched

4 pages + stick + elastic

8 page step book assembled

  1. Use 3 pages to create a 6-step book, or 4 pages to make an 8-step book (and more pages if you wish)
  2. Fold the middle page first so that the fold forms the first step above the bottom of that page. (see above @ step 4+5)
  3. Fold the remaining pages over this middle page so that all the steps seem equal.
  4. When the pages make equal steps, crease firmly.
  5. Hold all the pages in place with  paper clips, and open the top folds.
  6. Punch a hole at each side over the fold line.
  7. Assemble with string/ ribbon/ raffia bows on each side or
  8. Use stick and elastic to secure as above, or
  9. Simply staple all the pages together at the top.
  10. There! Your step book is ready to use!

These and other excellent ideas are found at Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord’s site

We use these books for lapbook, for spontaneous journals, for nature walks, for games and for gifts.

How could you use them?

5 thoughts on “Make Unusual but Simple Books

  1. I really appreciate that making this book is so simple. I tried to do this last year and got some books on bookmaking – thinking that it would help my budding writer to see it in book form. The problem was that binding the book became quite an enterprise in itself and actually took away from the point of doing it in the first place.

    Thanks for the simpler idea.



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