What are Workboxes? Some Links


The basis for the workbox system is a wire rack that holds 12 plastic shoe boxes per child;  four shelves which can hold 3 boxes each. Each box gets a number velcroed to the front of it. A schedule strip is used to order the child’s school day.  The idea is that kids follow the schedule strip and do what is in each box or otherwise directed on the schedule strip. They place the completed box’s number on their schedule strip and stack the empty boxes aside.

Read the rest of Heather’s article “Thinking Inside The Box” at Heart Of The Matter Online where she describes the system in detail.

Sue Patrick is the creator of the workbox system which has taken the homeschool arena by storm!

“My system simply makes homeschooling easier by creating physical and chronological structure. It makes it easier to organize curriculum and to present it in a way that is easier for the child to learn. This system allows home school families to get more schooling done in far less time, and it is especially helpful in creating kids who can work independently. So many homeschooled children can become addicted to Mom sitting there with them even when they don’t need the help. My system is very visual and the children know at all times what is expected of them.”

Visit her website here.  You can order her book at Amazon.com.

Read more of Sue Patrick’s interview at Love To Know.

Now for your research adventure:

Start at docs.google.com for an incredibly comprehensive review  of workbox sites and links. This site has everything! Photos galore, links, categories, downloads, forum and group links … bookmark this!

Look at these blogs for more personal workbox posts:

At Milk and Cookies Amy gives photos, stacks of links and ideas for the workbox system.

Two Little Men in my Library by an Australian mom, shares loads of photos of her system and a tutorial of how they are using the system.

Sowing Precious Seeds by Aurelia Barnum.

Fortunately For You Books blogspot describes her system here.

Moms chat about their systems on forums and groups:

On Lapbook Lessons’ forum  a mom asked “What is the workbox system? ” and these were some of the links:







There is a Yahoo! Group for the workbox system.

These are the links I razzled up in half an hour.  I’m sure that they will answer most of your questions. Although I have listed all these links and  checked each to see if they were relevant and correct, I don’t specifically endorse any link, blog, author, curriculum or system.

Many homeschool trend come and go.  This system seems incredibly successful.  I find the ways different homeschool families personalize and change the system to suit their needs really precious.

Like all homeschool decisions – pray first, research, pray again and trust the Lord to lead you. Only in obedience to Him will you be in His rest, provision, protection and purpose.

7 thoughts on “What are Workboxes? Some Links

  1. You’re a gem ~ thank you so much.
    Just looking back at the lovely Prairie house you did earlier in the year, have you perhaps done anything more in this series? We have just bought ‘The Prairie Primer’ by Margie Gray and before I set foot using it I was wondering if you had explored the series/activities any further?

    God Bless


    • We have just finished our “Little House in the Big Woods” Lapbook! We can’t wait to start the next book in the series ~ “Farmer Boy”. We will start our next lapbook (downloaded free from Homeschoolshare.com) and other creative stuff we may find as we go along.


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