Finding Perspective in Van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Auvers”

Seven Laws of Perspective

I found the 7 laws of Perspective at Heart Of The Matter and looked for a way to implement these principles in our Art Appreciation lessons.

We have been studying Van Gogh this month and I had downloaded an outline drawing of Bedroom at Auvers.

Miss K's Van Gogh Bedroom

This painting offered several perspective laws:

  1. Surface ~ things that are closer to the eye are drawn closer to the bottom of the picture
  2. Size ~ things that are nearer to the eye should be drawn larger
  3. Surface lines ~ these lines wrap around the object you are drawing to give it three dimensions
  4. Overlapping ~ things that are closer to the eye overlap the further parts
  5. Shading ~ this is used to give volume to the object that you draw
  6. Density ~ things that are closer to the eye are drawn with more detail than things farther away
  7. Foreshortening ~ the whole object is foreshortened, to give proper dimension

I made these notes ~ Seven Laws of Perspective with simple outline diagrams of the perspective principles.

Art Perspective Laws 1,2,3

Art Perspective Laws 4,5,6

Art Perspective Law 7

We used several other art books to look for examples of these laws of perspective.  Then girls used kokis to colour in their Bedroom pictures.  A quick and simple art appreciation lesson!


4 thoughts on “Finding Perspective in Van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Auvers”

  1. What a great lesson! I think we want to do this one, too. You have laid it out so neatly. Thank you for sharing. Did you teach this all in one sitting, or was this a multiday or multihour lesson?


    • This was a quick lesson – done in about 1 hour! The theory took up a quarter of the hour and they coloured the picture in the remaining time.


  2. I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and would like to thank you for making these valuable resources available to us! We have just begun our journey with picture/artist study and the notebooking pages, timeline information, and other information you have provided have been very helpful.

    Just thought you should know. :o)


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