New Paper Dolls ~ Fashions through the Past Eras

A few weeks ago the girls created some paper dolls with clothes.  As their creativity flowed, we decided to make clothes from different eras.

Based on fashions seen in classic movies like Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice they created the fashions used in the 1800’s.  They loved Little Women and used those dress styles from 1865. My Fair Lady inspired clothes from the Edwardian eras of 1900’s.  The classic movie of Romeo and Juliet gave inspiration to the fashions of the Medieval era. Amadeus inspired the French fashions.  One of the girls loved Hair Spray of the 1960’s and made a page of these fashions!

Here is the 10 page pdf. download ~Paper Dolls & clothes.  As you will have seen in the earlier paper doll post, the girls colour in, then cut out the clothes and accessories before we laminate the pieces.  They use prestick to paste each article on the dolls.  (You may want to add shoulder tabs as the vintage paper dolls have instead.)

Paper Dolls Rachel & Rebecca

Romeo & Juliet 1500's

Romeo & Juliet

Jane Austen 1800's

Jane Austen 1800's

Marie Antoinette French 1789

Edwardian 1900's

Little Women 1865

'Little Women' 1865

1960's Hair Spray

Of course we intend to cover more eras and styles …  I have Ancient Egypt, Rome, Vikings and the Elizabethan eras in mind. And of course the modern era needs a page or two … And then I could think of different clothes from countries around the world … plus we will eventually need to include some men …  Maybe I should plan 1 new download per month?

14 thoughts on “New Paper Dolls ~ Fashions through the Past Eras

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  2. I like these paper doll clothing because they r good to have when you are trying and need to practice drawing dresses. They are an easy and simpe line design That’s really easy to practice drawing with. And because it’s a simple line design it’s easier to play with color and shadowing to come to the desired affect.


  3. Wonderful idea to take a look at history with paper dolls! I*m going to show your drawings to my students when we’re starting to study world history next week. This is such a fun way to think, what everyday items like clothes tell about each time era. Thank you for your fabulous idea 🙂


  4. What a great thing to share with us. My youngest daughter will love colouring them and giving them her own personal touch. Thanks for sharing.


  5. I LOVE the idea of cultural dress styles! As a Montessori mom this would be AWESOME to add to the kids culture bins. And having male dolls would be nice so it allows for more inclusive play. I’m printing these out now because my two girls & my son will enjoy playing with them. They create stories, act them out, process their day, remember past events all with things like this. Thank you! This will also be a nice toy to take along during road trips & errands.
    Something I will do for the road trips is add felt to the back of the dolls. They’ll stick to a small felt board I made for the kids other felt stories.

    When Mon(tessori)(Wal)dorf(Attach)ment Parentig meet in our home.


  6. These are awesome. My daughter is going to love them. I look forward to the boy ones, because I can already see my daughter and son making up plays with them. Just like Barbie needs Ken, these girl paper dolls will need some boy ones. Thank you so much!


  7. This is wonderful!!!!!I have a 14 yr old daughter who has always enjoyed making all kinds of paper dolls. ie horses, cowgirls, cats….
    This makes her feel there are other girls out there that enjoy creating this type of art.
    Thank You, Marguerite


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