Bible Study ~ Priest’s Garments

For Bible Study we are using “Picture This!” from and the children have enjoyed drawing their overview pages of each book of the Bible we have done so far.

All the stories from Genesis on 1 page

Exodus summarized in pictures as we read

Because this is a visual reference or overview, we often stop to ~

* study a story, event or characters in more detail (even dramatize ~ do puppet shows – finger puppets are quick and fun!)

* do some hands-on activity eg.: build models, do lapbook or minibooks

* memory verse practice

* sing songs or hymns

* write in our notebook  pages

* place our timeline pictures (from Sonlight) on the timeline

* pray!

The Tabernacle

I made a Tabernacle cross minibook shaped like a cross; with the outer court and Holy Place and Most Holy Place’s articles.  There is place to write how Jesus fulfilled the Tabernacle’s purposes on the minibooks.

Cross-shaped minibook of the Tabernacle's articles

Writing about Jesus' representation on the outside of each flap

Cover representing the Outer Court enclosing the cross-shaped minibook

To go with this theme I made a Priest’s garment paper figure with all his priestly garments separately to dress him as described in Exodus.

High Priest's Clothes

I pray and trust the Holy Spirit to show us where to stop and listen to Him and obey what He is saying to us.  He alone can make all of this word Light, Life and Truth!

13 thoughts on “Bible Study ~ Priest’s Garments

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  4. We are currently teaching our young children, ages 6-11, about the Wilderness Tabernacle and what each element means. They will soon be learning about the Priests and the garments. Your cut-out page for the Priests is the perfect lesson tool for them. Thank you.


  5. I just saw this post about the Picture Smart Bible and I’m very intrigued by this. My daughter loves to draw and is a hands on, visual learner. I would probably just start with the Old Testament and see if she likes it; is the instant download of the manual all I would need? The website for TPSB is kind of confusing. What are your thoughts?


    • Hi, because I received the CD versions of “Picture Smart Bible Draw This!” I don’t know about the download versions. I would recommend the Old Testament for sure! It is filled with all the well-known stories and children relate well to the visual summaries. I found the New Testament far more abstract and middle-schoolers and older would enjoy the New Testament.


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  8. I love the cross/tabernacle. I teach Bible college classes in Ukraine. This is a perfect demonstration and a fun project for the students to take home and share in their churches. Thank you for sharing.


  9. Thank you for sharing this! I love the idea of illustrations for the books of the Bible. I wanted to do a lapbook about Exodus with my daughter and your tabernacle & high priest printables will be a great addition. Do you mind sharing what you wrote for how Christ parallels the different parts? I look forward to reading more on your blog. Now I need to check out “Picture This” – Thanks!


    Karen H


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