Many Thanks!

My grateful thanks to the Erskine Family of for featuring my Famous Impressionist Artists bundle!

I am delighted that so many of you have found me via Freebieoftheday’s feature this week!  Your positive comments have been so encouraging!  I’m also so happy to see how many of you have subscribed and I hope others will follow suit!  I have enjoyed visiting some of your blogs and am richer for this amazing cyber-world  friendship.

I hope you will be inspired and encouraged as you catch my latest posts and that you will enjoy using my pages.  My request is that you will enjoy everything for your own personal use and if you wish to share any files, that you’ll post the link back to this blog.




2 thoughts on “Many Thanks!

  1. I was amazed and impressed by the amount of work and the quality of work you have done. No one understand just how much time and effort this represents except another homeschooler. Thank you for sharing this with other hs-ers.

    God Bless you and the work you are doing.


  2. Hi Nadene,

    I found your blog through Homeschool Freebies. It is wonderful! Such a wealth of resources! Thank you for making your unit studies available. It is truly a blessing!!!

    Alison in Michigan


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