Creative Writing ~ Dancing Pencils!

My 2 older daughters and I took a creative writing workshop (also known as Free Writing Using the Right Brain ) this weekend and it was the most mind-blowing, exhilarating and thrilling experience!

Created by Felicity Keats and presented at workshops around South Africa and the world,  her Free Writing Using the Right Brain Course has enabled writing students (from pre-primary to adults) to write with the most wonderful creativity!

Felicity Keats, in her 70’s and just bubbling with enthusiasm, has written many books. The Dancing Pencils Program includes  2 CD’s covering the course material. She has trained mentors to  workshop her methods.  Felicity loves to encourage new writers and she has published many of her students’  books  ~ what a triumph for these new authors!

Free writing using right brain R-grade 4

Writing from the right brain is creative and spontaneous, the results delight the writer and the reader alike!

Felicity Keats says,

“The right brain is the intuitive hemisphere.  It is dominant for the following tasks:

Non-Verbal : images, not words, are the source of right brain knowledge.

Holistic (non linear). It processes lots of information at the same time, makes leaps of insight and can evaluate whole problems at once.

Spatial  – it works out jigsaw puzzles and finds the way home without getting lost

Musical – it responds to music and musical talent

Metaphoric – it understands metaphors and images

Artistic – drawing, painting and sculpture

Spiritual – prayer, workshop and mysticism.

Dream maker –realising fantasies

The right brain is a happy positive side of yourself that doesn’t understand the word “failure”. It doesn’t try, it just does, easily bringing out the required writing from the universe itself.”

(Extract from : Creative Writing using the Right BrainStimulating Ideas to Develop Creativity in Learners   Grades 10 – 12 by Felicity Keats ISBN 978-1-43090056-6)

3 thoughts on “Creative Writing ~ Dancing Pencils!

  1. I am very interested in Felicity Keats instruction. However, I haven’t been able to find anywhere that sells her books. Do you know where I can find them? Thank you!


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