Download Handwriting Fonts onto your computer

In a previous post on laminating your own handwriting chart I wrote about downloading handwriting fonts on to your computer.

Here are detailed  step-by-step instructions!  I found these font website sites very useful: publishing~ good school print and italic (Jarman) fonts. ~ scroll to Cursif (1 with and 1 without lines) and select the font file you like. This site has a fabulous choice of other beautiful fonts!

  1. Download the font file. (I choose the  True Type version for Windows.)
  2. Save the file on your computer
  3. Now, because these are zipped files (compressed to store loads of info) you’ll need to extract files (select this on the left side panel)
  4. An Extract File Wizard will open the individual files. One file will have a coloured icon with a “T” or a “O”.  Right-click this file and press copy.
  5. Click on your Start button and select Control Panel
  6. Double-Click on Fonts icon
  7. In the space between the font icons right-click and press Paste
  8. Your downloaded font file will now appear in your MS Word and other Word programs.
  9. Open your Word document and select your font in this program and increase the size to suit your child’s ability and maturity or for the page you are typing.

I hope this helps!  I have made all my copywork pages using downloaded fonts!



4 thoughts on “Download Handwriting Fonts onto your computer

  1. Thanks so much for posting the above information….I had searched without luck for several hours for a font that I would like my children to learn – not keen on the US version (I schooled in the UK) Printing as we speak 🙂


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