Lapbook -Junior Mini Office

Mini Offices are an ideal method of keeping all the charts, facts and lists at hand in a lapbook folder.

I have just made a  junior primary mini office (with Afrikaans* for South African students) The mini office is especially handy for homeschool because all those posters and charts that we should hang up for junior students are now in their own hands and they can find the information without looking up at the walls!

For the complete A5 mini office click here ~mini office A5 all

For those who want the mini office in large A4 click here ~mini office A4 junior all

Included in this 8 A4 page ( 2 pages on each A4 page = 16 pages) download are:

  1. Number line, number chart 1-120, number & words
  2. Order words & fractions
  3. numbers on hands, scores and shapes
  4. Directions, Numbers 1-20 *, Roman numerals
  5. Multiplication table 1-12
  6. Seasons*, Months of the year*
  7. Days of the week*, Telling time*
  8. Where I live
  9. Map of South Africa
  10. Weather chart*
  11. South African Money
  12. Sight Word Wall
  13. Sight Word Wall
  14. Family words*
  15. Handwriting Print & Cursive

For just the Math section of this mini office click here ~mini office A5 mathcs

For the South African section only click here ~mini office A5 SA Eng&Afrik

For the Word Wall and Handwriting  section click here ~mini office A5 wordwall-writing-live

You can research more on mini offices at these sites: Mini Office Squidoo

I have made this mini office on a lapbook folder cut in half across the width and it looks like this:


6 thoughts on “Lapbook -Junior Mini Office

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  2. As always, what a dutiful and beautiful job you have done. Thank you the continuous blessings in sharing all of your hard work with your online comrades. Many blessings to you and your family. Thanks again!!!


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